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  1. lmarieaa

    Weight Loss loaing alot of weight...hip bones showing and sunken sides

    SFailed186, she is eating. she appears to eat more than the other two "fat" pigs. She acts normally and everything, shes just skinny. If you had really read my post you would have known that and not attacked my pet care in your response. Thank you Ly.
  2. lmarieaa

    Weight Loss loaing alot of weight...hip bones showing and sunken sides

    my short-hair guinea pig, Tapas, has never been one of those "fat" pigs but usually still healthy. I adopted her off craigslist about a year ago. She has consistantly been losing weight, but slowly...i always thought that maybe it was just a phase and she would pudge up like my other two. But...
  3. lmarieaa

    Grow Your Own Blue Fescue Grass, is it safe for guinea pigs?

    Is it safe for guinea pigs to eat blue fescue grass? I just picked up a pack of seeds of blue fescue grass seeds while doing my spring flower shopping...just wondering if i can set a special growth aside just for my pigs to munch on. I couldn't find anything on google about it...:confused:
  4. lmarieaa

    female guinea pig (NYC Upper west side)

    looking to add a 4th female to my herd. its time :p. I am in the upper west side NYC. please let me know if you have a female they needs a home. I am willing to take a pair if you happen to have two females you do not wish to separate.
  5. cage update - bigger and better!

    cage update - bigger and better!

  6. lmarieaa

    Comment by 'lmarieaa' in media 'Tapas and Basil 2'

    Basil is 2, Tapas is arounf 6-8 months i think
  7. lmarieaa

    Rabbits Friendly rabbit at shelter (San Antonio TX)

    There is a brown and black 5 month old rabbit at Animal Care Services in San Antonio for adoption. Not sure about gender yet. "Bunny" is very friendly and likes to be around people. Although she struggles when you try to pick her up, once you have her in your arms she will calm down. She likes...
  8. lmarieaa

    San Antonio ACS: 8 guinea pigs need homes!

    There is a white female crested guinea pig left in the small animals room. There is also a chocolate himalayan and a multicolored peruvian boar in staff members offices, if you are interested in the other two, please don't hesitate to ask about them! Also, there is now a small rat for adoption...
  9. lmarieaa

    San Antonio ACS: 8 guinea pigs need homes!

    8 guinea pigs were dropped off at the shelter (San Antonio Animal Care Services) from a breeder :mad: and need homes. There are many different colors and coat types. It $10 to adopt. There are also two rabbits in need of a home as well.
  10. lmarieaa

    San Antonio TX: 1 Male Teddy GP and 2 Rabbits at ACS shelter

    Hello everyone, I am a volunteer for the San Antonio Animal Care and Control. A male guinea pig along with 2 rabbits were surrendered today. The male guinea pig is a calico teddy and has not been neutered but they will neuter him for $50. His adoption fee is just $10 and he comes with all of his...
  11. lmarieaa

    Need some good info on parakeet care for neglected bird

    Long story short: My husbands side of the family has never taken very good care of their pets. We have now finally made it home to Texas to spend the summer here, and I can ignore their parakeet. The parakeet was originally given to my husbands elderly grandmother from someone else in ther...
  12. lmarieaa

    Anyone have any experience with having Lyme Disease?

    Ugh, okay, it just keeps getting worse....and I am starting to think that maybe this "expert" was not correct. The rash just keeps getting bigger, and is SO itchy. The doctor told me to take Benadryl every 4 hours for a few days along with a med called Prednisone. And its really tough...I am...
  13. lmarieaa

    Comment by 'lmarieaa' in media 'Whole cage'

    nice cage!
  14. lmarieaa

    Comment by 'lmarieaa' in media 'Alfalfa on the move'

    beautiful piggy!
  15. lmarieaa

    Mom is rejecting her baby :(

    I do not have any advice to give but, I really wish you the best of luck with your piggies!
  16. lmarieaa

    General Tips on making GPs comfortable during long car trip?

    It will be me and my fiancee, along with my dog and 3 guinea pigs. So, we definitely will not be leaving the car unattended, I guess it will just be fast food for awhile :yuck:, haha! That is a good idea to set up a C&C at the hotel. I am definitely going to do that. I totally agree! lol
  17. lmarieaa

    Anyone have any experience with having Lyme Disease?

    I saw a doctor at an Urgent Care Clinic, coincidentally, he is a specialist in treating Lyme disease. He said that what I have is not Lyme disease. The tick would has to be attached and feeding for at least 24 hours for the disease to transfer,and the bullseye rash would not have developed until...
  18. lmarieaa

    Anyone have any experience with having Lyme Disease?

    I have decided to go see a doctor. I can get a discount at a medical center because I am a student, and I can be seen for $60.
  19. lmarieaa

    Anyone have any experience with having Lyme Disease?

    I went hiking last Sunday, and when I got home, I immediately noticed a bite on my chest. It itched and burned like crazy. I did not really think anything of it, and just assumed it would go away. Well today it worse. It resembles the classic 'bullseye' rash that is associated with Lyme Disease...