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  1. JackSpicerRules

    The official name change request thread

    oh. yeah, a few years ago. thanks anyway, I guess, but this username is pretty dumb and immature and I grew out of that phase. edit: oh, derp, didn't see the edited OP until now. :sad:
  2. JackSpicerRules

    C&C Alternatives cardboard pens!

    I'm unsure when we made the switch from dumb cages with wood shreds to open pens with fleece/blankets, but it's definitely a great thing to do. I personally don't buy anything from pet stores, but sometimes I'm dragged there and seeing the poor guineas [and other animals] in cramped cages...
  3. JackSpicerRules

    Veg*n Becoming a Vegan

    I was a vegetarian -> vegan for over two years; I'm unsure why I stopped. it's very hard to go completely vegan because not only of nutritional problems that might occur, but the society we live in doesn't cater to vegans well, and puts animal products in EVERYTHING. Smart Balance has vegan...
  4. JackSpicerRules

    The official name change request thread

    gah, I haven't been here forever but I'd love if my username was changed to snoo. :love: it'd match my name and the rest of my internetty accounts.
  5. JackSpicerRules

    Sammy's gone.

    It's my fault, too. My chair tipped over into their pen. I hit Sammy in the head... I crushed her face. Her nose was bleeding, and she had convulsions. And then she was gone. I've had my guinea pigs for three years by Sunday. I didn't mean to hit her. I didn't think my chair would trip...
  6. JackSpicerRules

    Fur darkening on nose/face area.

    They get grass just about every day in the summer, and all throughout the year, although it's in smaller amounts in the late fall/winter/early spring. This makes sense, though. Thank you very much. :]
  7. JackSpicerRules

    Fur darkening on nose/face area.

    Thank you! I got a better picture of her: She looks quite angry... But, anyway, that's what the fur looks like. I guess it happens just because it's summer.
  8. JackSpicerRules

    Fur darkening on nose/face area.

    This started at the beginning of the summer. The fur on Sammy's nose started getting a bit darker; more a light brown than a tan. The last month or so, it seems her fur is getting darker near her ears and farther up her nose. I have a picture, but it's not really clear enough, I don't think...
  9. JackSpicerRules

    I'm back. With stories and stuff.

    Lawl. Thank you. Uberbig pig! She jiggles. I don't remember a lot of people here; I haven't been really active for about a year. Thank youuu. You got their name endings wrong; it's Sammy and Fuzzie. xD No worries, though. They love to wander around. It's exercise! Noob likes to bite us. It's...
  10. JackSpicerRules

    I'm back. With stories and stuff.

    I've been gone from here for so long; I'm sorry! I've been obsessed with other sites. Augh, where to start... The last time I posted, it was about that lump on Fuzzie's chest. We took her and Sammy to the vet on December 6th. [Yes, I know I should've updated THEN.] The veternarian said it was...
  11. JackSpicerRules

    Lump on Fuzzie's chest...

    Why now? :weepy: Earlier tonight, I discovered a small lump on Fuzzie's left "chest". And I just broke down. We're hoping it's just Lipoma, if you can "hope" for that. I emailed the veternarian's office close by here asking if they could treat guinea pigs. And I'm hoping they do. We're...
  12. JackSpicerRules

    Halloween! (image heavy)

    Haha, that is amazing. :3 Good job on it. I'm going as Billie Joe Armstrong for Halloween because I am a blatant spaz.
  13. JackSpicerRules

    To RabbitBreeder06 a.k.a. ILOVEHONEY2005

    Doesn't ILOVEHONEY2005/various other usernames have anything to do than create a huge flamerwar against the people of this site? Get a better hobby than breeding rabbits and yelling at people you don't even know. ...And learn some typing ettiquite while you're at it. :3 Okay, I'm done. JSR out.
  14. JackSpicerRules

    Goodbye Glaze, Nutmeg and Murphy

    Your post made me cry hard. I'm so sorry you lost your adorable little piggers. I hope you make it through this. :love: Sending much love from the piggers and myself.
  15. JackSpicerRules

    Le Sigh...

    Haha, thanks. I'm in an orchestra but I don't have after-school stuff. I have the National Junior Art Honour Society every other Friday or so, though. I know, so do I. My piggers are almost 2 years old. The day after my first guinea pig died was a Friday and I was in 6th grade. I had to go to...
  16. JackSpicerRules

    Le Sigh...

    *Snert* Augh, it's been forever since I've seen you. Ha. Neither do I, really, but sometimes my mind wanders and yeah. Halloween is always fun. Bwahaha. I'm in middle school, and the SGA (Student Goverment Association) usually holds things for the 6th graders. Like the "Boo Bash", which I...
  17. JackSpicerRules

    Le Sigh...

    Ah, okay. That figures. I didn't know what a cavy was at first, either... But now I do. :D
  18. JackSpicerRules

    Le Sigh...

    Oh, okay. xD I was on the Wikipedia page for guinea pigs and I saw a link for "Guinea Pig Cages". I was confused for a minute but yeah.
  19. JackSpicerRules

    Le Sigh...

    I try. D: Awh, spend time with him all weekend. Guinea pigs need love! Argh, coldness. It was freezing this morning. I saw my Art teacher (He's cute... Bwahaha.) this morning walking out of his house and he waved to me and then got in his warm car. Lucky arse, having a nice warm car while I...
  20. JackSpicerRules

    Le Sigh...

    I keep leaving this site for weeks on end and it keeps changing when I come back. When the heck did the URL change?! I'm getting confused... I still love this site. I just don't check it as much as I should. Let's see... News... News... The vegetarian thing isn't going to well. I asked my...