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  1. Bear Bear

    We just don't know why...

    Yikes. I was afraid it might be bloat as well... It would be so wonderful if you could C/P my thread there. I'm really at a loss right now... I just tried syringe feeding her some water. I think I got her to drink a few mLs, but then again I'm not sure how much of that ended up on the towel. :(
  2. Bear Bear

    We just don't know why...

    Last night, I took Nibbles to the vet because she was very lethargic, not eating, and seemed very thin. The doctor did a full exxamination, which included examining her teeth, and found nothing. I was sent home $175 poorer with a sick pig and no answers. After two hours of sitting at home...
  3. Bear Bear

    I miss you sweet Baby Elvis

    Elvis was quite a looker. That picture is totally adorable. It's moments like those we need to cherish. I'm so sorry for you loss. I really do hope you're feeling a little better. Thank you for sharing him with us. Take care! :heart:
  4. Bear Bear

    Late Intro

    Your cage looks great! How are your little ones doing?
  5. Bear Bear

    Flipping Pigloos

    The past few days, I've found both pigloos in our cage flipped upside down and urinated in. The pee, I can understand...it's the flipping part I can't comprehend. My babies are still quite young (about 5 months) and tiny and the pigloos seem enormous when you compare them in size. I really don't...
  6. Bear Bear

    We'll miss you Josey

    Oh, I'm so sorry. My thoughts are with you...
  7. Bear Bear

    My rescue experience

    I think the answer to that is obvious. There should be no need to abuse anything, period. The aforementioned people I know take great care of their animals, but abuse their significant others. The point I was trying to make was that even though people are abusive to their partner, it doesn't...
  8. Bear Bear

    Possible guinea pig cruelity?

    I had my own experience, hauntingly similar to yours.. https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/kitchen/28956-pet-store-gone-buggy.html I have yet to go investigate if the store fixed the problem, but I was assured that reporting them is the right thing to do...even if you aren't sure. Keep...
  9. Bear Bear

    Black Coroplast and Halloween

    That's kinda funny. I had a hard time finding cool colors and had to choose from the grand selection of either black or white. HAHA!
  10. Bear Bear

    $1 Hair/Hay Remover from Fleece!

    You are most welcome!! I have to admit, it makes me super happy to know that my little find is working for people. The amount of hair that comes out of the fleece is shocking! Most of the time, I can't see that much hair on my light colored fleece (I'm pretty blind though LOL). I guess it...
  11. Bear Bear

    My rescue experience

    I also wonder the same thing. I would not result to begging either. My husband wasn't too fond of me getting a piggie, let alone two, but I got them anyway. The day I got them, he got attatched and happily helped me set up the cage (although it was from a petstore >.<). Nowadays, he's...
  12. Bear Bear

    Oh My God

    Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Like many others have already said, please don't be so hard on yourself. Please take care of Puppy and yourself. My piggers and I are sending you hugs...:love:
  13. Bear Bear

    Awsome News!

    Congratulations! So happy for you! It must be really exciting! I can't wait till hubs and I work on our second. xD (BTW: what's a pampered chef party?)
  14. Bear Bear

    $1 Hair/Hay Remover from Fleece!

    Obsessed. :D So glad you found it! Let me know how it works for you!
  15. Bear Bear

    Got my fleece and mattress pads! (And a question)

    Hey!! Congratulations on getting all your stuff! I'll have to check out the mattress pads this weekend. Sounds like a good deal. Anyway, a single layer of fleece works best. Doubling up may cause problems with the urine soaking all the way through to the pads (it also stays wet longer on the...
  16. Bear Bear

    Aloha Everyone!

    Wow. Okay...here's the part that I'll admit jealousy. PINK!?! Totally my favorite color! Maybe I'll oder some for myself and redo the cage! Haha! Yeah, I saw those skinnies at Koolau Pets. They're kind of growing on me. My experience there is not a good one. A few months ago, I went in there...
  17. Bear Bear

    $1 Hair/Hay Remover from Fleece!

    Yep, Pearl City. If I remember correctly, it's after all the shampoos and things in the main isle. It is a small display consisting primarily of things selling for $1. This is not in the pet section. Last week sometime, I went to check on the brushes but they were gone and I do recall seeing...
  18. Bear Bear

    Aloha Everyone!

    I considered ordering the grids from Walmart, but was afraid the shipping would be horrendous for the amount that I needed. How much did you pay? I found my grids at Fisher Hawaii (the warehouse). I'm not sure about the Carefresh. I use fleece in my cage and it is WONDERFUL!! I cannot tell...
  19. Bear Bear

    My brother is headed to Iraq

    I can somewhat understand what you are going through... I have two cousins (father and son) who are in the National Guard and were deployed to Iraq (several times). I can only imagine what the wife/mother of these two are going through, as I myself am terrified and worried about them. My...
  20. Bear Bear

    Aloha Everyone!

    I'm from Hawaii as well and did exactly as you. I agree that GPs are not popular pets here and it never crossed my mind to check the Humane Society for one. (I've heard they don't get them in very often anyway. I was told they average one a month). Anyway, you're doing the right thing now and...