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  1. G_Pig_lover

    Pig ramp

    I use black 5in or 6in french drain pipe, it has ridges in so the can get up to the second level. They like it better then the ramp they had.
  2. G_Pig_lover

    It's been a while(new pigtures)

    Your piggies are so cute!
  3. G_Pig_lover

    New Fleece

    That's so cute!
  4. G_Pig_lover

    No More Piggys

    I'm sorry you had to get rid of your girls.:weepy: I hope they will bring their next family as much joy as they brought you.
  5. G_Pig_lover

    Traveling with pigs-- Any tips?

    I take my piggies on a couple of 5 hour trips a year. If the car is cool enough I would drape something to make them feel more secure, if it's not cool enough don't. Bring a big bag of veggies and a spary bottle to wet them befor giving them to the pigs, then offer them water many times during...
  6. G_Pig_lover

    Re-homing pet store question

    The "Pets Smart" by my house rehomes animals too, But when they "adopt" them out they don't even do background checks or ask how big a cage you have. I heard one staff member asking an adoptee you have a cage right, Okay thats good. It made me so mad.
  7. G_Pig_lover

    run away pig

    My little one did that when he was to small for the big pen, I'm really hoping that he out grows it.
  8. G_Pig_lover

    How long?

    My three eat about a flake a week, I also have horses, I think the flakes are 3.5 pounds.
  9. G_Pig_lover

    New Cage!

    That's a nice cage!
  10. G_Pig_lover

    Oxbow food

    I'm going to start using oxbow, and I can't find a place that sales it near my house so I'm ordering online.
  11. G_Pig_lover

    Loft or No Loft?

    I have a 1X2X1 L shaped loft so I can reach the boys, the bottom of their cage is 2x4. For A ramp I have 5 inch corrugated plastic Drain pipe, and they just love it. I use fleece on the bottom and just pull it and all thet goes under it out. On the second story I use carefresh and just lift the...
  12. G_Pig_lover

    Grooming question once again...

    I think that cutting the hair in front of his eyes will help him see better. You did a really good job he looks adorable.
  13. G_Pig_lover

    showing off my pigs

    Your pigs are so cute! I love your floortime setup.
  14. G_Pig_lover

    Flower Hammock

    It's so cute! It really "Girlys" up you cage. You really should think about selling them they're nicer then anything you could find in a store.:)
  15. G_Pig_lover

    Hello from South Mississippi!!

    I love the orange and blue cage! Congrats on the new member of the family! Adopting is a great idea, plus it makes you feel really good that you saved an animals life! Good Job with all the research, George is one lucky piggie to have a mom like You. Don't forget lots of Hay and Veggies! Lauren
  16. G_Pig_lover

    Loose Timothy Hay vs Cubes

    I agree 100%:)
  17. G_Pig_lover

    Saving a new piggin

    A large cage will really help. Good Luck!
  18. G_Pig_lover

    Comment by 'G_Pig_lover' in media '2*6 L Shape'

    I love your cage! I have that same Navy Flower fleece!
  19. G_Pig_lover

    Comment by 'G_Pig_lover' in media 'Hedgehog Haven'

    That's a really nice pen!
  20. G_Pig_lover

    How do i keep her cool in all this heat?

    My boys like icepacks (the hard type) next to a water bottle with a layer or two of fleece ect. on top. I put the icepack, next to the water, in the corner of the cage and cover it with two layers of fleece. Chester spends 75% of his time resting there. It took him a day or two to figure it out...