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  1. dutchpiggy

    My girlies! Pigtures!

    oh they are lovely! I love the grey and red and white combination, and they look healthy and cute. I'm sure you'll have a great time with them. :love:
  2. dutchpiggy

    Do your guineas ignore their hay?

    mine constantly mush away at they hay! But i try and buy great hay, in small amounts, sometimes with nettles, sometimes with dandelions etc. They have a few variaties where I live. I put lots of hay in their cage every day.
  3. dutchpiggy

    Pigs outside, but no grass.

    yeah I might just buy a fleece blanket for them to run on. And Alusdra, I'll grow myself some grass in pots, so they can chew on that and I'm sure it will be untreated. I can't wait to move! more room for me and the piggy's
  4. dutchpiggy

    Netherlands Cubes and Coroplast in Holland??

    hi guys I'm also from Holland, and looking for another way to build a great cage. Right now I have the biggest they had at the store, but I feel so sorry for my two boys. Is there any other way to build a cage, I love the idea of beeing able to change the cage occasionally, like you can do...
  5. dutchpiggy

    Pigs outside, but no grass.

    Hi guys. I am moving in a while, and I plan on some upgrades for my two boars. We can't get the C&C stuff in Holland, which really sucks, but since I'm going to have to buy all kinds of things soon, I'll look for a nice way to construct a bigger cage. But that's not my biggest concern. The...
  6. dutchpiggy

    Pictures of you!

    meh I'd rather show the piggy's!
  7. dutchpiggy

    Hello everyone! A piggy lover from the Netherlands is here!(pics!)

    Well that wille be a great new year's gift for you and your boyfriend! Does he like them as much as you do? I'm lucky cause I think my boy may be more in love with them then I am (if it's possible!). I'm sure you'll be a great piggy mom soon:love:
  8. dutchpiggy

    Need advice on how to introduce boars?

    with my two boars it went fine! Sometimes it helps to do the introduction during floor time, so they are on neutral grounds so to speak. Just make sure to be there and watch how they react. My small bor was just 7 weeks, and Storm was about 6 months when I introduced them. Storm acted like a...
  9. dutchpiggy

    Hello everyone! A piggy lover from the Netherlands is here!(pics!)

    aww. He's quite a lot bigger now though! He eats as much as he can, one hungry piggy.
  10. dutchpiggy

    Water bowls ok?

    I use a water bowl, and it is less sanitary, but I just change the water about 3 or 4 times a day. I work, but different hours as my boyfriend, so there's always someone to change the water. I can't really use a bottle now, cause I live with my mum for a short while and the piggy's live on the...
  11. dutchpiggy

    Need help picking a name.

    my vote is also on dudley! That is one cute looking piggy, I hope you'll have fun!
  12. dutchpiggy

    Hello everyone! A piggy lover from the Netherlands is here!(pics!)

    Hi guys. I've been reading the forum for several months, and now I finally decided to join. I know my enlish is somewhat decent, and I try and remember all the grammar and spelling I learned on school but don't be too harsh ok? Right now I have two beautiful guinea pig boys, called Storm...