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  1. brupoppiggies

    Behavior Biting baby (juvenile) - background included. Ideas??

    In March our beloved Bru passed away suddenly from a tumor, though we had been watching it since he was a baby (when we first noticed it), it had never grown and was diagnosed as a fatty tissue tumor during a routine visit. Then in march it looked bigger one evening, not too worried because I...
  2. brupoppiggies

    Behavior Guinea pig mourning??

    Hi all, I posted in the other forum about it but Popeye passed away last night. The e-vet said he succumbed to old age (he was at least 7 yrs old) he was acting off, he wasn't skittish which is very not normal for him - the pig ran to hide anytime he heard a noise, he was absolutely his normal...
  3. brupoppiggies

    General Stopping in to say Hi!

    It's been a while since I stopped in. So I thought I would stop by and ramble about my piggies since "normal" people think I'm crazy :P So the news: Gim and Pip's "owners" never managed to find them a new home and they became part of the family - so we officially have 5 pigs, not just our...
  4. brupoppiggies

    Rehoming I am torn about rehoming these two boys!

    Thank you. I will just take my time and hopefully find a good home for them. I may wait a few more weeks to post the ad. Maybe the hubs will warm up to the idea of keeping them.lol
  5. brupoppiggies

    Rehoming I am torn about rehoming these two boys!

    In reality we do not have the space for 5 guinea pigs. But when I start to create the ad to rehome them I can't. I worry someone will neglect them, abandon them or even feed them to a snake. I do already love them, but the hubs and I agreed that our home was temporary for them. UGH!! I just...
  6. brupoppiggies

    General Using Cavy Poop to Fertlize Plants?

    They kids' school does worm composting in the classrooms, it's great for small spaces! (I for one didn't know they liked piggie poo but I may offer to start brining it over, we use the compost on the school grounds!)
  7. brupoppiggies

    General Using Cavy Poop to Fertlize Plants?

    I just use organic soil and compost in our garden, I know you can compost the poos and the hay. I don't know if you can burn a plant by putting the poos directly in the soil or what if any health issues could arise for your pigs. I wouldn't put them directly in if you were planning to consume...
  8. brupoppiggies

    Behavior Question about guinea pigs spreading hay all over

    HAHA! That is a very good way to put it!
  9. brupoppiggies

    Play Need your opinion! Pig toys!

    We have one of those hay topped hidy huts pulled all the "hay" off of it (was yellow straw like stuff) tossed that in the compost bin, they love climbing in and out of it for floor time, We also have tunnels, balls with bells, stuffed animals, balls of paper, boxes, treat balls .... I saw a cute...
  10. brupoppiggies

    Behavior Guinea pigs knowing when it's time to eat?

    All mine require is someone to hit that squeaky floorboard near the kitchen and it's a chorus of "feed me I'm starving even though I have eaten my weight in hay, all my pellets and my salad within the last hour" :D Open the fridge and it's even louder... Read a paper... rattle a bag... eat an...
  11. brupoppiggies

    Photos Pig clones from Santa!

    Morumoto. She is local to us so I met with her to pick up the pigs instead of having her send them and miss christmas, she was very professional and I'm happy to recommend her to others.
  12. brupoppiggies

    Photos Holiday Pictures!

    You all have such cute piggies! I try to take cute pics like these and my guys just try to eat the props :D
  13. brupoppiggies

    Photos Pig clones from Santa!

    A wonderful "Mrs Claus" made these great stuffed piggies for my kiddos. I found her on Etsy looking for a gift for my nephew and ended up buying these little fellows for my kids instead! She used pics of the pigs to create the stuffies, unfortunately she couldn't find the right grey for popeye...
  14. brupoppiggies

    Biting Okay I think I have a serious problem on my hands

    It would certainly be good if he's not, as I understand it they have a much shorter life span than other guinea pigs and we would love to have him around for years to come. Thank you for the information!
  15. brupoppiggies

    Biting Okay I think I have a serious problem on my hands

    The vet said he most likely is. He's blind, mostly deaf, has some physical deformities: his feet and legs are deformed. His toes are deformed, his hips are completely out of whack (he hops like a rabbit) The inside of his ears have grown funny - which probably contributes to his deafness. His...
  16. brupoppiggies

    Biting Okay I think I have a serious problem on my hands

    I have heard this before, animals are very intuitive. And I am perfectly okay with him picking favorites. I just don't want him to use the girls as chew toys.
  17. brupoppiggies

    Biting Okay I think I have a serious problem on my hands

    Pics of my boys: Popeye is the grey and white one, Brutus is the brown one and Samson is the fluffy one! Excuse any poos and the mess in Popeye's pic, Samson had been roaming around and he tends to create a mess - he sheds like a cat (and black carpet tends to show it!) I hope it doesn't...
  18. brupoppiggies

    Biting Okay I think I have a serious problem on my hands

    Sorry :( The oldest (Faith) is 11 so she is and is starting too, but Van is only 6 and just wants to love them all. I will have them try treats, something only they give him so he associates that with them, and hopefully that works. That's a good suggestion and so obvious I don't know why I...
  19. brupoppiggies

    Biting Okay I think I have a serious problem on my hands

    Alright everyone, I think I have a real problem with Brutus and I am not sure at all what to do. I have an 8 year old son (Jake) with some mental health and behavioral issues. He has ADHD, SID, PTSD, PICA and Trichotillomania (he eats hair - but not guinea pig hair) and quite possible some...
  20. brupoppiggies

    Frustrated Borax and Guinea pigs?

    Hi, Thank you all. I didn't have time to respond before tonight but wanted to say thank you. I don't know what kind they are/were they were just small and black. I did put wheels on the cage and bowls of borax under, so far we have not seen any more ants around the cage so hopefully that means...