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  1. HerdofPigs

    Reference Ideas for Traction on RAMPS

    Nails never get stuck, and I take it off and clean it every time I clean out the cage (every 1-2 weeks as I use 3 inches of carefresh)
  2. HerdofPigs

    Reference Ideas for Traction on RAMPS

    My "ramp" is a 4" black pvc flexpipe. its grooved so they can easily go up it.
  3. HerdofPigs

    Play Toys? My piggies seam bored

    Newspaper tents can be a big hit at my house, along with the ole shoe box with holes.
  4. HerdofPigs

    Behavior Just need to vent it out

    My kids are loud and in turn my piggies think they need to be louder in order to be heard to get their veggies. its a crazy cycle... :(
  5. HerdofPigs

    General Cuddle Tunnel Questions

    Regular wire should work, as long as its flexible but holds it's shape after bent. About the same thickness as a coat hange, lol
  6. HerdofPigs

    General Cuddle Tunnel Questions

    I sewed wire coat hangers into mine. Also I don't own a sewing machine. Hope that helps.