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  1. Carissa6729


    It's in the 80's almost 90 F (26C - 32C) , this week here in AZ and it's still only March...sigh...
  2. Carissa6729

    Any Archie comics fans here?

    I read them about 20 years ago, was the ONLY comics I read because I wasn't really into comics but loved my Archie.
  3. Carissa6729

    My guard dog...lol

    Ha, my Stormy is that way with my SO...when he's around. Otherwise she's a momma's girl. She doesn't wait outside the bathroom door, she's IN the bathroom with me. Just as bad as a toddler lol. When my SO gets home from work however, it's Momma who?
  4. Carissa6729

    My guard dog...lol

    lol cute! My GSDx LOVES my guinea pigs too she, a little too aggressively so she's not allowed to get too close but she's usually laying beside their cage making out with one or the other. It's a tad weird if you ask me, but who am I to discriminate against true love. Even if it involves a love...
  5. Carissa6729

    SPOILER ALERT: Don't read if you believe in the Easter Bunny

    I've always used a couple of nice baskets I got at our local craft store, we use them either for storage or decoration in the kitchen the other times of the year so they don't go to waste. I have a large woven wood one and a wicker one as well and paid about $10 each for them a few years back...
  6. Carissa6729

    SPOILER ALERT: Don't read if you believe in the Easter Bunny

    What about some gift certificates for something fun? ITunes are great for older kids but also activities would be great, maybe a cooking class, or one of those decorate your own pottery things. For my boys, we are planting a veggie garden so they are getting some veggies, gardening supplies...
  7. Carissa6729

    Flags That Orlando Craigslist Spammer Again

    I don't need to know this guy or visit his place to know he's not reputable, the single fact that he is advertising rabbits as pets for Easter is more then enough to condemn him in my eyes. NO reputable rescue would ever advertise an animal as a present for a holiday. In fact, all that I know of...
  8. Carissa6729

    Animal Welfare So grossed out -- photographers

    I have to agree and wouldn't allow my kids to take pics like this with live animals but mostly because I know how my boys are. If one of those ducks nipped them it would easily be thrown across the room or at least dropped. I can't believe my kids would be the only ones to have that reaction. If...
  9. Carissa6729

    Adopting How to Adopt?

    Rescues also use many fosters who may be much closer to you then the actual rescue is, so I would check with them to see if that may be the case as well. Also, if you post your general vicinity, we may be able to help you find something close or know of somebody near you.
  10. Carissa6729

    First tattoo

    This is a very good point, although body art IMO shouldn't be judged, it is and in some work environments it is NOT acceptable and you need to take that into consideration while young. If you have a career path picked out and know it will never be an issue, then I say go for it and do what you...
  11. Carissa6729

    HELP! Boy or Girl?

    Agreed that it looks to be male.
  12. Carissa6729

    First tattoo

    I've got 5; lower back tramp stamp, a bracelet around my ankle, one on my back shoulder area and two on my lower stomach/pelvic bone area - one on each side. As mentioned, they can hurt but it all depends on placement. Closer to the bone or less "meaty" areas, will hurt more. I could actually...
  13. Carissa6729

    Coroplast Cavy Cafes coming apart

    Cavy Cafe Kitchen Do you have these? If so, Theresa would probably help out the most with your situation. You might want to send them a message asking, their customer service is great and I'm sure they can figure out a solution for you :)
  14. Carissa6729

    Naming your Guineas

    My boys were simple, I have young kids and they are "theirs" so they named them, Marshmallow and Chocolate. I'm just lucky we didn't end up with "Poopyface" and "Boogerbutt"
  15. Carissa6729


    Welcome! Take a look around the site and get familiar with the do's and dont's of being a guinea pig slave. :) You'll find much of the information that has been "taught" through pet stores and the general public is incorrect, inaccurate or can be downright dangerous so we strive to teach people...
  16. Carissa6729

    Joy Adopting a pig.

    Awh she's beautiful, congrats! Loving that face. Weirdly enough I haven't really seen any black pigs I think.
  17. Carissa6729

    Wrong information/Instagram

    Sounds good, that's all we can do is educate the uninformed. I belong to the Guinea Pig yahoo group and I see SO much useless and crap information getting posted as "fact" but breeders nonetheless and I just shake my head. It's an uphill battle but just by starting with one person, you are...
  18. Carissa6729

    Other Pet MICE noises?

    bguardguy Maybe he can help!
  19. Carissa6729

    Wrong information/Instagram

    Yea MySpace was crazy, got huge then all of a sudden disappeared and Facebook took over. I remember trying to sneak onto the computer to get on AOL when I was a kid and the screeching always gave me away. Pillows over the computer never helped lol. Now my kid is surfing the net from his tablet...
  20. Carissa6729

    My Knitting "Skills"

    Lol @ "elderly ninja" Btw it's really sweet of you to make presents for others "just because".