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  1. Fanch

    need to rehome in Canada

    I have not posted here in years, but have fond memories of this site and know the people here are always give good advise and I need that now. I only 2 guinea pigs now, one has just turned 4 (Male, neutered) and a female who is now 8 years and 3 months old. They have lived fine together but...
  2. Fanch

    General Critical Care

    Hello everyone, I have not posted on this forum for I believe 2 years, but am in need of your guys help and knew I could come here. I hope I posted my thread to standards, if not mods, I'm very sorry! I had a sick pig about 7 months ago and sadly she passed away. During that time period I was...
  3. Fanch

    Goodbye Nibbs

    thank you all for the condolences, my other 2 pigs, one young the other old, are as fit as a fiddle. I plan to buried Nibbs by our veggie garden, she was always my most adventerous eater!
  4. Fanch

    Goodbye Nibbs

    Im sorry, but I just have to post as Im balling and feel like dying. One of my 3 guinea pigs just passed away in my arms, not but 20 minute ago, and all I think of is how its all my fault. I sat and held as she convulsed, and could do nothing for her but cuddle and tell her she was a good little...
  5. Fanch

    Weight Loss Eating but losing weight

    Ok, well after talking to my mom(shes a nurse), she said that since I have seen this weight drop every since I added my 3rd guinea pig to the mix, I should seperate her for a week or two and see if she gains weight, if she does then I know she needs to be fed seperate from now on; mom says its...
  6. Fanch

    Weight Loss Eating but losing weight

    My 4 year old female, Nibbs is still eating with gusto, is bright and alreat as always, but shes lossing weight. She was 693g on July 15 and on July 19 she was 669g, not sure what that is in oz, but im worried. I have been feeding her 10mL of Critical care twice a day, pln to bump it up to 15mL...
  7. Fanch

    Behavior Scared me to death!

    I know where your coming from, especially when my now passed male was getting up there in age. He would sleep like a log, not even flinch, for long periods of time flat out. Lots of times had to pick him up to asure myself he was still with me! Now I can say from my own experience, I have never...
  8. Fanch

    C&C new cage!!!

    If you mean one more grid as in you would either make the 2x2 a 2x3 or the 2x3 a 2x4, then yes, I think thats a good idea. I'm guessing that you have 2 boys, correct? Because of them being males, the minamun of 2x3 for 2 pigs is a big small, so more space would be better, but I am very happy...
  9. Fanch

    General 'JarBax Jottings' - in words and pigtures!

    I am sorry to hear of marys passing, I remember all your pigs well. I know this time will be tough for you, but your are doing whats best for Marble, and soon enough you will be with pigs again, maybes its time for a different group letter?
  10. Fanch

    What breed? what breed please?

    I would second that they are abyssinians. Both, no matter what breed that are, are adorable!
  11. Fanch

    Frustrated Mom almost shook my guinea out during cleaning!

    I did have to chuckle while reading this, but am very glad that Sugar's experience was a good one, as it could have been worse.
  12. Fanch

    Blog WOW, all the new changes.

    Hey and hello everyone. I can't remember the last time I posted on this site, think it was summer 08. It has been a very busy school year, so not much time for anything but school work. I hope to start posting again and want to take this time to say WOW, T you have done a great job, the site...
  13. Fanch

    General Shawnee is 9 today!

    Happy birthday little girly!!!
  14. Fanch

    My Other Pets! (pictures!)

    All you pets are extremely adorable!!
  15. Fanch

    eye not looking well

    I don't know what happened in the photos, because in real life her eyes are NOT that cloudy; her eye is the same brightness as her other, which appears to be unaffected.
  16. Fanch

    eye not looking well

    I noticed this morning that one of my girls, Nibbs's eye wasn't looking right. Taking a closer look at it I could see pink skin in the front corner of the eye, which she had not had the previous night. The other eye (right) is bright and bad side is still bright, not clouding and she seems her...
  17. Fanch

    To neuter or not to neuter? That is my question!

    I had my boar neutered back in october since his buddy had passed away and I had 2 female pigs. I spent the time finding a vet that had done the oporation many times and I felt comfortable with. If you have a female and no other females take your fancy, I would for sure get him and neuter him.
  18. Fanch

    Cage change- questions??

    I think I'm going to try out a 2x4 with a 2x3 on top, so that if I don't like it, I havent destoryed the piece of coroplast by making in small, and can change it again later. I don't mind cleaning the cage on the bottom, I have the two middle grids on zip ties, so I can swing them up and clip...
  19. Fanch

    Cage change- questions??

    Sorry, its been such a busy week, with school and a book I'm reading, hehe. Anyways, I was thinking about the cage, and space for the pigs, and remebered that part of the top cage isn't attacted :crazy: Ok, let me explain...with a picture. What was Pumpkin and Twoonies 2x4 was actually a 2x3...
  20. Fanch

    Cage change- questions??

    Next weekend I plan to introduce my newly nuetered male Twoonie to my 2 females, Nugget and Nibbs. This brings us to the joy of cage changes!!! The first problem I run into is that my bedroom doesn't allow me to expand longer than a 2x4. I have drawn plans and tried to re-arange all the...