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  1. trexgorawrrrrr

    Injury Bite Wound on face

    My thinking was along the lines of bpatters, that you want to treat it now in case an infection tries to set in. I hope you can figure out what's going on as far as behavior issues. If they were together previously, then I retract my statement about her being one of those long pigs. It seems...
  2. trexgorawrrrrr

    URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Vitamin C for URI (Petco advice)

    You came to the right place for advice! The advice from petco is not correct. This is why it's really recommened to adopt from a reputable rescue, a lot of petstore pigs are sold sick. They're probably telling you to up the vitamin C amount so that they don't have to take care of it with a vet...
  3. trexgorawrrrrr

    Injury Bite Wound on face

    I think you need to take her to the vet, it would be the responsible thing to do. She may not be showing pain, but pigs are masters at hiding that sort of thing. If it looks like a cut like when your other pig had surgery, I would think this would qualify a vet's opinion. They would be able to...
  4. trexgorawrrrrr

    Behold the PIG ARMY!

    Your piggies are adorable! Welcome to the forum :) Is Roscoe neutered? Wouldn't want any pregnancies :) Loved your description of Wilma, sounds like a sophisticated piggie.
  5. trexgorawrrrrr

    Upper Levels Making a 2x4 on top of my current 2x4

    I can do the same. As you said I think it's just preference. I just don't think I would feel like it was safe enough without the connectors. I definately believe that you know what you're talking about just as much though, so I'm sure either way this person decides to go it will turn out well...
  6. trexgorawrrrrr

    Upper Levels Making a 2x4 on top of my current 2x4

    Pinky I've never had just zipties, but I felt the connectors added that base support. It was like the outlining, and the zipties is what really held it together and makes it strong.
  7. trexgorawrrrrr

    Upper Levels Making a 2x4 on top of my current 2x4

    Here's a picture of my cage that's stacked. Have had it this way for a long time, and it works perfectly! Just make sure you use connectors AND zipties. Very sturdy... If you didn't use about 3 or so zipties on every part where grids meet up I'm not sure if it would be strong enough to hold...
  8. trexgorawrrrrr

    Fleece Manipulative piggie at work messing up her fleece!

    Sorry for taking so long to reply, I'm not on here as often as I should be! Thanks for the compliments, the cage organization is not actually attached to the side of my cage... it's just sitting there next to it. I actually used the cubes for once how they're supposed to be used LOL And...
  9. trexgorawrrrrr

    Pregnancy My piggie is very pregnant and I need help!

    Re: Chase just had her babies and I saw it all! HELP!!! Take a deep breath. First time mothers always do not know exactly what to do. They don't realize those little squeaky things need her. So, baby pigs are born with about 24-48 hours of reserve. This is usually enough time for mamma's...
  10. trexgorawrrrrr

    Fleece Manipulative piggie at work messing up her fleece!

    I have bricks in the corners of my girl's cage, and for my more difficult boys there are a couple of bricks along the sides too. You can sort of see bricks in this photo. Works perfectly.
  11. trexgorawrrrrr


    Do not worry. A lot of first time moms have no idea what to do. They don't realize that those little babies depend on them, and it takes a little bit for the mothering instinct to kick in. Babies are born with enough reserve normally until mom's instincts do kick in, and it should be around...
  12. trexgorawrrrrr

    Cage Let's see your cage Pictures please.

    2 boys on top, & 3 girls on the bottom (:
  13. trexgorawrrrrr

    Sneezing Can guinea pigs have allergies??

    The only kind of wood shavings that are okay are kiln dried pine and aspen, but cedar and pine are toxic. They would just make things worse. I perfer to not use wood shavings at all no matter what kind they are. The carefresh could be a little dusty, but not to the point where they should be...
  14. trexgorawrrrrr

    youtube :)

    I will subscribe, subscribe back? :D trexgorawrrrrr YouTube
  15. trexgorawrrrrr

    Fleece How many do i need

    I also agree that having a spare set is handy. If you don't, then you have to wait for it to wash and dry. I also agree with the Goodwill statement! We had a brand new store built, and I went there not expecting to really find anything... but I found 4 yards of beautiful brand new girly fleece...
  16. trexgorawrrrrr


    I think the same way you do Gigabyte. I didn't ever watch it though, but I know personally that everytime little kids see my guinea pigs they always talk about G-Force. My neighbor has a young daughter, and his girlfriend has a young son who have friends over sometimes. The boy, Riley, once...
  17. trexgorawrrrrr

    C&C Urgent please help

    How high are your coroplast walls? Babies can fit their heads, and in your case it sounds like their entire bodies through the squares. You can set up cardboard all the way around the cage until they get bigger, or maybe use left over pieces of coroplast. If you have a hard time finding a way...
  18. trexgorawrrrrr

    General Baby pictures, and LOTS of questions about raising a baby pig!

    I see that you don't have many posts, not that it's necessarily an indicater of your knowledge... but you are misinformed. Please do not give out information that you don't know is correct. Guinea pig fathers will not kill/harm their babies. Since the babies are not with the father from their...
  19. trexgorawrrrrr

    Animal Welfare taking in guinea pigs

    I am VERY sorry to hear that. I can't imagine how hard that would be. Well I guess that kind of changes things, but I think you have some steps to take before I would suggest fostering. I would first find a job, and start saving for a vet fund/supplies you may need, food, hay, etc. I would...
  20. trexgorawrrrrr

    Animal Welfare taking in guinea pigs

    Soph, I wouldn't say this unless I knew what I was saying would be the best. While I think it's awesome what you want to do, I think you need to focus on the pigs you have now. We have talked quite a lot in and out of chat. I know you just became pregnant not too long ago... I would focus on...