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  1. spy9doc

    Diet Guinea Pig Diet Webinar

    I wouldn't give that statement much credence! As a healthcare professional, when patients ask me about glucosamine and chondroitin, I tell them that if they are convinced that it helps them, then by all means, take it. It seems to work for some, but for others, not. All it does for me is to give...
  2. spy9doc

    Diet Guinea Pig Diet Webinar

    I was so busy capturing the screenshots that I may have missed some of the discussion. If I have time tomorrow, I will scroll through the slides and see if there was any mention of it. I hope that they post a recording of the webinar with both the slides and the discussion that went along with...
  3. spy9doc

    Diet Guinea Pig Diet Webinar

    Good work......very nice summary! I found the webinar to be very basic, but it covered a bit more than just nutrition. I found it gratifying that most of us who are veterans on this forum and who often dispense advice to be in alignment with their thinking. I did screen shots of almost all of...
  4. spy9doc

    Diet Guinea Pig Diet Webinar

    Yes, we're both correct. I didn't realize that it was in London (?) until I received a reminder. I have it scheduled on my calendar for Tuesday @11:00. They certainly wasted no time putting me on their mailing & marketing list.😣
  5. spy9doc

    Diet Guinea Pig Diet Webinar

    Thanks so much for the link! I immediately signed up. I question your time calculation........unless you don't live in the US? For instance, I'm in CT and the webinar is at 11:00AM EDT. It will be interesting to have someone with whom to compare notes.
  6. spy9doc

    Crusty Eyes Persistent one eye squinting, with slight crust

    If you aren't familiar with it, check out the #1 Medical and Care site for most of us: Medical and Care Guide http://www.guinealynx.info/ Sorry, but I don't have the time at present to explore it for you. Let us know what you learn.
  7. spy9doc

    Videos What is this sound?

    I couldn't hear a thing!
  8. spy9doc

    Mouth jaw fractured during dental procedure

    Kim..... good to see you back, just not under these circumstances. My heart goes out to you. 🥲🌈🐶 I know from my experience just how difficult and painful it is to have a beloved cavy euthanized. Be comforted by knowing that Penny had a good life with you and obviously knew that she was loved...
  9. spy9doc

    Vet Talwar's Medical thread

    I agree with GPP in that 36gm might just be a good poop or two. I've had cavies whose weight was yo-yo like, and others whose weight stayed about the same. I hadn't weighed Rafi in more than a month, and today he was within about 8gm. of where he was nearly six weeks ago. He rarely varies much...
  10. spy9doc

    Rescues Fostering tips :)

    Good to know that Walter has perked up! If you haven't seen one of your cavies act like you describe, yes, it can be stressful for you. Like I previously said, my otherwise calm Rafi was shrieking, writhing, and kicking this afternoon for grooming day. I'm surprised that you didn't hear him all...
  11. spy9doc

    Rescues Fostering tips :)

    Walter has a hangover!😵‍💫 He will be quite alright. It's not uncommon for a cavy to be lethargic and just want to sleep after being sedated. I would leave him alone and let him come around in his own time. Rather like we humans being sedated and then sleepy afterward. He's a big healthy boy and...
  12. spy9doc

    Rescues Fostering tips :)

    Perhaps you have already read my post detailing how I approach nail trims. Check it out here: https://www.guineapigcages.com/threads/how-to-get-the-pigs-used-to-being-picked-up-and-held.129795/ I think I omitted this information concerning the recommended scissors. A pic is attached below...
  13. spy9doc

    Liners UHaul Pad not absorbent

    They can shrink a LOT! :LOL: That's why they need to be washed and dried on hot prior to sewing them. In fact, I suggest washing them at least twice. Otherwise, they will shrink a bit more and you will then have the inside pad smaller.....and the fleece the same size. That's how you get...
  14. spy9doc

    New to piggies!

    In looking at the pic you show, my first thought was that it is a nipple. Cavies have two nipples, one on each side of the lower abdomen.........and, yes, both boars and sows have them. But, that pic doesn't look as though it is the abdomen. Can you describe/show where the "skin tag" is...
  15. spy9doc

    Urine Did my GP faint?

    I have found that most compounding pharmacies will prepare animal meds if they have specific instructions from a vet.
  16. spy9doc

    Behavior How to get the pigs used to being picked up and held

    The only way to get them accustomed to being picked up is to......pick them up frequently. Get to know them and their preferred nap times for one. My Rafi is the ultimate lap piggy in the evening after he has had a substantial dinner, but he doesn't like being taken out of the cage during the...
  17. spy9doc

    How Much? What to feed 3 month olds

    Excellent post! You are very thorough and the instructions are quite clear. I'm sure that other folks will benefit as well.
  18. spy9doc

    Hay How do I know my hay is healthy?

    In the past, I always bought bluegrass hay because the cavies were crazy for it, and it didn't bother my husband's allergies. Sadly, Kleen Mama passed away and the new owner apparently didn't have the necessary experience and just couldn't meet the quality standards and (I believe) went out of...
  19. spy9doc

    Urine Did my GP faint?

    Yes, she was beautiful, but sadly "dumb as a stump". I guess I'm too accustomed to the Aby personality. I have always loved them for their intelligence, super curious and inquisitive, very vocal, and loving nature. Maya was a purebred show piggy, but her pea eye disqualified her from being...
  20. spy9doc

    Urine Did my GP faint?

    While not disputing @LittleSqueakers reply describing a vasovagal response, I just wanted to offer a different perspective. I'm attaching a couple of pics of my dearly-departed Maya. I ask you.....does she look stressed?? I assure you that she slept in this position totally voluntarily...