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  1. traceyennis

    Nutrition Ready grass

    I believe the OP is referring to this http://www.friendshipestates.co.uk/friendly-readigrass/view-all-products.html
  2. traceyennis

    Confessions of a (formerly) bad piggy keeper who wants to mend her ways.

    Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm slightly confused by your post with you saying you now have a grand total of 10 guinea pigs. Does that mean you have 7 sows not 5, and 3 boars? Unfortunately a Midwest cage will not be large enough for either group of pigs and I think you would be much better...
  3. traceyennis

    Behavior Mu piggies sneezes and sleeping a lot for past few days

    I live in Birmingham and I've always used Bearwood Vets http://bearwood.premiervetgroup.co.uk/#!slideIndex=1. I've been going to them for over 20 years now and they have a good team who know what they're doing when it comes to care with exotic pets. If it's not too much distance for you to...
  4. traceyennis

    Want a Guinea Pig(s) Wanting to adopt a pair of piggies.. BUT?

    Please do not buy that cage, it is far too small for 2 guinea pigs and looks like it is only fit for birds. Ideally you want a cage that is at minimum a 2 x 3 which is 72 cm width and 108 cm length. It does not need to be 100 cm x 100 although bigger is always better. I would not recommend you...
  5. traceyennis

    Grow Your Own My wheat grass study and results.

    Just wanted to say thank you for explaining how to grow this grass. I've just ordered some seeds and will trying this out next week! Can't wait to see my pigs munching on it! Oh and for those people in the UK you can order wheat grass seeds from ebay.
  6. traceyennis

    Sad Help, been crying over the fate of these pigs today...

    Aww that's great news! Really pleased that the pigs will now be well looked after and good on you for doing this for them!
  7. traceyennis

    Chocolate and the new cage

    Your cage looks great and Chocolate is adorable!
  8. traceyennis

    Hello from the herd and I!

    Welcome to the forum! It's nice to see someone else from the UK :) Love the pics of all your animals! You certainly have your hands full with all of them!
  9. traceyennis

    Sad Help, been crying over the fate of these pigs today...

    Is there any chance you can get your boyfriend to persuade his parents to surrender the pigs to a rescue? Someone needs to make it clear to them that if they just let the pigs die without getting any veterinary treatment that that is animal cruelty and as such should be reported for it! I...
  10. traceyennis

    Sad Help, been crying over the fate of these pigs today...

    Do you know where they adopted the pigs from? If you can find that out then I would get in touch with them and tell them your concerns about the pigs and see if they would be willing to check on them. If not, then all I can think to suggest is you getting in touch with your local RSPCA and...
  11. traceyennis

    Cage So I've been working on a new cage

    That's brilliant! Thank you so much for updating about this. I'm definitely going to order some as I'm well and truly fed up of using towels and trying to stop them bunching up!
  12. traceyennis

    Stupid Family

    I'm not going to even bother answering that question! I seem to recall you saying you couldn't get another pig as your husband had said no but that he then relented to you getting 2 pigs after seeing how upset you were over the passing of Mr Whistles. I remember all this as it wasn't you that I...
  13. traceyennis

    Stupid Family

    Yes, you joined this forum after NOT doing the necessary research to take care of your pig and then when you were informed about the need for your pig to have a cage mate you didn't re-home him but instead kept him on his own for months and that's why I find you hypocritical! It seems like it's...
  14. traceyennis

    Stupid Family

    I find it incredulous that you can say that I would be selfish to want to take care of my own pet for ALL of its life! When I adopt an animal it's for ALL of it's life. I find it hypocritical of you to be saying all this about lone pigs despite the fact that you yourself kept a lone pig for 4...
  15. traceyennis

    Stupid Family

    I think it's horrendous to suggest re-homing or surrendering a senior pig that has lost a cage mate if you can't afford to get a new cage mate. Just because at that moment in time I couldn't afford to get another pig does not mean at some point in the future that I wouldn't be able to afford to...
  16. traceyennis

    Bedding I'm after a good bedding for my loft, any suggestions?

    Just a suggestion about the loose bedding - When I first did my loft I had no correx so I used a scrap piece of fleece under the litter and clipped it to the sides of the bars to prevent the litter from falling out. It was a temporary solution for me but it worked just fine and actually made...
  17. traceyennis

    Stupid Family

    I think some members of this forum should remember that they themselves didn't do enough research before getting their guinea pig and joining this forum and so maybe should be less judgemental and critical of others.
  18. traceyennis

    Bedding I'm after a good bedding for my loft, any suggestions?

    I've never used carefresh as the price of it has always put me off. I buy the 30L bag of Back2Nature and it can last me anything up to 2 mths+ depending on whether I'm being tight or generous with the layer I put down lol I sometimes put a thin layer of hay on top to make it last a little bit...
  19. traceyennis

    Bedding I'm after a good bedding for my loft, any suggestions?

    I would recommend using Back 2 Nature. I previously used Bio-Catolet and found it to be quite dusty and it also has a strong odour to it which is not nice at all! I've been using Back 2 Nature for my 2 pigs for about a year now and I've had no issues with it at all.
  20. traceyennis

    Photos Cute piggie lips

    lifesvr7 Yes, Sybil does look like that pig. I've just added a few more pics to my album of her if you want to have a look. They're not great pics but they do show her colouring and fur a bit better. I'm interested to know what breed you think she is as I'm not sure at all! All I know is that...