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  1. Riley's Cage

    Riley's Cage

    This is the cage I made for Riley!
  2. andreanne1422

    Other New Calgary Mice Breeder

    Hi there, my name is Andreanne and I just started breeding fancy mice. I only sell as pets and not as feeders. I also don't ship my mice out you must be able to pick them up or meet somewhere in calgary. All my mice are 5 dollars each and come with a three month health garantee that means if...
  3. andreanne1422

    I Have Two Mice To Give Away :(

    I'm moving out this fall and I have two beautiful mice that I have to give away. I think it's a dreadful thing to do, because I love them very much, but because I'm going to be working so much and still taking online courses I won't have time to play with them or clean there cages, so I'm...
  4. andreanne1422

    Breeder in own family.

    I'd talk to him if I were you and work on it over time. But you can't change him just try your best to educate him. Maybe if you show him what happens to the parrots. If he really loves them and you show him how badly some are treated. (Some that he sold would be best) it migth send him straigth.
  5. andreanne1422

    Canada Need a New Home for Two Females

    I would so take them if I wasn't living with my parents they say we have enough. Sorry. Hope you find a good home for them.
  6. andreanne1422

    What's your guinea pigs name?

    Melodie is my oldest one and Chanel is my youngest.
  7. andreanne1422

    Guinea pig escapee

    For food poisoning if I was you I would wait and see how she's behaving and if she stops eating/drinking or isn't acting normally get her straigth to the vet!
  8. andreanne1422

    Question about Dwarf Hamsters.

    Okay I can officially tell you that my sister owns two dwarft hamster. We got two because they said that they were social animals but a few weeks later my sister found one hamster JC with a major bit on her eye her eye looked sweeched and it was very gross! It goes my sister around $80 for the...
  9. andreanne1422

    Fur-Law video about J Crew and others (WARNING)

    Hey guys there's good news really good news! I signed up for the PETA newsletter and I just got a email saying this: Thanks to each and every one of you who signed the petition, handed out leaflets, called the CEO to tell him how horrified you were that the company was selling fur, and...
  10. andreanne1422

    2 sows and 1 boar in Louisiana

    Can you make another cage and still keep him?
  11. andreanne1422

    The bunny of my dreams has arrived!

    My stepfather had a white rabbit when my mom meet him and he was the cutest thing ever (the rabbit). His name was littleguy and he would run around freely around the house, well till we got to ottawa were he onyl stayed in the basement were we anyways were most of the time, as the computers were...
  12. andreanne1422

    Another pig?

    Adorable I'm so glad you got her, I wish I could get more piggies, but my parents say two is the max.
  13. andreanne1422

    Comment by 'andreanne1422' in media 'Quarintine 2'

    I like the color of your fleece. and cute piggy.
  14. andreanne1422

    Fur-Law video about J Crew and others (WARNING)

    That is sooo horrible, I'm never going to buy any fur product. Is fake fur make with animals too? At one point in the video I wanted to close the window and cry, it's so horrible. I want to do something about it but I don't know where to start.
  15. andreanne1422

    Comment by 'andreanne1422' in media 'Mommy, was that the FRIDGE'

    It looks a bit high. But it's really cool. My piggy sheek too when I open the fridge door or I bring food to them, it's like they have super smelling powers.
  16. andreanne1422

    Canada Any Piggies lovers in Calgary Alberta?

    Your welcome! Hope you guys make something work out.
  17. andreanne1422

    Canada Any Piggies lovers in Calgary Alberta?

    Squirle! One of her cute piggy is suppostly preggant you need to send her a private message to her. She's going to be looking for good homes for her babies if she can't keep them all and if you can proof that your a good home she should be able to give or sell you one.
  18. andreanne1422

    My Pig Is Fat

    Could she be preggant?