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  1. GPGuy

    Goodbye Cookie

    I'm sorry PiggyLover94. RIP Cookie.
  2. GPGuy

    Exercise Lenny being silly

    Lol, happy guy! Classic game of 'catch me if you can?'
  3. GPGuy

    Getting Along Why don't you just leave?

    Understand that there are those who thrive on debate or drama. For myself, if I don't agree with something, I move on to something else. The info available here is incredible and I would urge everybody to use what they will, and don't use what they don't agree with.
  4. GPGuy

    Chewing Chewing coroplast

    My pigs seem to be much the same as cfoster's. They MUCH prefer to go for the hay I stuff through the cardboard tubes from toilet paper. They will use the rack of course, but they like to take the tubes with them wherever they go in their cage.
  5. GPGuy

    Bedding How do you put your fleece in your cage?

    I do it the same way. I tried the grids outside and used the clips, but found it to be a bigger hassle. The only issue I've had this way is from 'stuff' sticking to the grids from time to time, so when I remove the grids, I give them a good wipe. Recently to help combat that problem, I've placed...
  6. GPGuy

    My Precious Nigel

    My condolences. I know your pain. Chin up, believe great things await him over the bridge.
  7. GPGuy

    Teeth Please give me some advice. I'm so upset...my poor little guy.

    Yay Jasper! Glad to hear of his success, and good for you for taking care of him!
  8. GPGuy

    Sick Possible sickness? Boredom?

    I think she is fine. My pigs are much the same at floor time and they seem to prefer lap time to floor time, although they don't like the picking up from cage part, lol. They naturally seek shelter as they are prey animals, they don't understand that they are not prey animals in our homes. It's...
  9. GPGuy

    New to Site/owning GPigs

    Personally it doesn't offend me in the least. Had you known the issues you may have proceeded differently. As is, you all have your hearts set on these beauties and I can see it being pretty hard to turn your back on them now; they are gorgeous! I do hope some of the comments don't turn you of...
  10. GPGuy

    Stands Questions on elevating my C&C cage

    Lots of stand ideas and pics here....Stands - Guinea Pig Cage Photos I have mine at table height on tables as they are single level. I much prefer to have them closer to my height instead of my feet.
  11. GPGuy

    General Buying in Bulk

    I live in a fairly rural community and as so I am able to get bulk local hay and litter material. I don't buy bulk pellets as I've read they do have a shelf life and my pigs don't eat a ton of them because they get alot of veggies and hay. Around here, you can buy hay in half bales and some...
  12. GPGuy

    Vegetables Can I feed them this?

    Googled this but found only info on a region in Spain? Any chance it may have another name as well? It 'looks' really yummy:D
  13. GPGuy

    Hay First time with local hay

    Me too. Mine really like the orchard hay and it is ridiculously cheap to buy local in bulk. I'm glad I live in an area that this is grown and sold everywhere, primarily for horses.:)
  14. GPGuy

    Bye My Beautiful Buddy

    I'm sorry for your loss. Nine years is a great long life. You must have taken great care of him. RIP Buddy, enjoy the fields over the bridge.
  15. GPGuy

    ~Hello, my name is Crystal~

  16. GPGuy

    Comment by 'GPGuy' in media 'Candidate Coroplast'

    Great re-use of materials. You see this stuff everywhere for signage and many places will have old signs stored somewhere and would probably give them away for the asking.
  17. Nugget watching you-tube

    Nugget watching you-tube

    The girls were having floor time so I brought Nugget out to watch some vids with me.
  18. GPGuy

    Vegetables Favorite Vegie??

    Yes, I leave about a 2x2 patch at the side yard to pull from.
  19. GPGuy

    Wooden Hidey?

    That appears to be solid and as such should be ok. Now the term 'whitewood' is unfamiliar to me, unless I've just never heard of a 'whitewood' tree? My guess is they are referring generally to either pine or spruce wood. I'm in Canada and those would be 2 of the woods that are 'softwoods' and as...
  20. GPGuy

    returning to the forum, with two new piggies(after 3yrs or so)

    Well, I wasn't here then but welcome back. I lost a really good guy recently due to what I feel was a lack of knowledge too.:ashamed: In his honor I joined and use this site to help me give the best care I can. Good on ya for coming back!:)