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  1. ppastorin

    Italy Cubes in Italy

    NW, Turin. Paolo
  2. ppastorin


    LOL LOL Actually I knew that that was a pot holder, but in my mind I automatically link "pot" to "coffee" LOL Anyway, why not trying a coffee pot as a house ? LOL Talking about coffee...needless to say that "Italians do it better" that as well LOL Paolo
  3. ppastorin


    Mine is a do-it-yourself hammock using a coffee pot. I spent less than 5 Euros (4 $) and 10 minutes to make it. A picture of it is in my photo gallery: https://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php?photo=467&password=&sort=1&cat=512&page=1 Paolo
  4. ppastorin

    Knawing at Coroplast :0(

    Here is the link you need, the picture is mine ;-) https://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php?photo=402&password=&sort=1&cat=512&page=1 Paolo
  5. ppastorin

    My non-C&C cage + piggies

    They really like the hammock ! They spend some time during the day relaxing on it and almost always they sleep during the night. The one on the higher level is as well a good observation point of the house and very comfy at the same time. Paolo PS: Thanks again for the compliments about...
  6. ppastorin

    Chewing on Coroplast

    Here is how I solved the problem: https://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php?photo=402 It is a small aluminium profile that fits perfectly on top of the coroplast ;-) Paolo
  7. ppastorin

    Litter Training

    I noticed that the more bedding I put the more they use it. So in one area of the cage there is a thick layer of bedding while in the other parts is much thinner. I did not succeeded completely, but in this way they are more customed to use one part of the cage for littering. Paolo
  8. ppastorin

    My non-C&C cage + piggies

    Upgraded I upgraded the cage with another balcony and a second hammock. More pictures here: http://utenti.lycos.it/ppastorin/cavia/ and of course in the photo galleries ;-)
  9. The new hammock on the second floor

    The new hammock on the second floor

    It seems to be confortable ;-)
  10. Testing the hammock on the second floor

    Testing the hammock on the second floor

    Yes, the hammock is working !!!
  11. The new attic

    The new attic

    Pallina testing the new attic.
  12. The attic with the grid

    The attic with the grid

    The attic almost finished, just the coroplat base, the ramp and the hammock are missing
  13. Hay rack   hammock

    Hay rack hammock

    The hay rack is made with a nest for a bird cage, the hammock is a small kitchen towel
  14. The rough frame of the attic

    The rough frame of the attic

    The frame of the attic without grid and coroplast.
  15. Chew proof profile

    Chew proof profile

    I added an aluminum profile on top of the coroplast to avoid chewing. It works fine, it is easy to put in place and cheap (about 1.5 Euro/meter)
  16. The cage just finished

    The cage just finished

    The cage can be completeley disassembled, the coroplast folded, so that everything can fit into my car when going on vacation
  17. ppastorin

    Italy Cubes in Italy

    Hi All !! I know it is hard to find cubes in Italy, but if someone has some clue can post it here. Paolo
  18. ppastorin

    Vitamin C?! Help!

    Re: ok I didn't know orange was bad for the teeth, why should be ? Have you read it somewhere on the web or on some book ?
  19. ppastorin

    Vitamin C?! Help!

    Re: Vitamin C?! Help! If you give 20g (about 1 oz.) of red pepper a day per GP they get enough vitamin C. I don't use tablet or drops and they are in great shape. My two girls love red pepper. Try to give it when they are more hungry, some orange can help as well.
  20. ppastorin

    What's your Pet's favorite treat?

    Re: treats I read that it is better not to exceed with carrots, about a inch a day is enough. They contain vitamin A and other stuff that can cause liver problems, is it correct ? Anyway, my two girls go crazy for fresh grass, good hay and red pepper.