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  1. medusa_stew

    Comment by 'medusa_stew' in media '2x5'

    thank you
  2. medusa_stew

    100 guinea pigs, Arlington, TX (DFW area)

    I live about an hour from Arlington, Do they need fosters?
  3. medusa_stew

    Comment by 'medusa_stew' in media 'Checkered Fleece'

    just like the pattern!
  4. medusa_stew

    Fleece Fleece Help Please

    Hahaha, Just be patient!
  5. medusa_stew

    Fleece Fleece Help Please

    One more thing, Don't get mad at the fleece (Like me.) Mine didn't actually wick til about 10 washes in.:yuck: I got very mad, But anyways be patient!;)
  6. medusa_stew

    Blog Another reason to hate PetsMart

    I was at Petsmart today and they made an announcement about adopting to find your true friend. I was like then quit selling animals.
  7. medusa_stew

    Fleece Fleece Help Please

    Baking soda did wonders for me when I had 3 boars! Just put a thin layer down, and make sure he can't get to it.:rolleyes:
  8. medusa_stew

    Fleece Fleece Help Please

    If you wash your fleece 3-4 times it will wick, Wick means the pee will fall through the fleece and soak onto the towels, I use 4 layers of thick towels, I change them once a week, And they never smell. BUT, When I had males there urine stunk a lot more, My sows urine does not.
  9. medusa_stew

    Ratties Considering a pair of rats

    Ly, Have you ever heard of feeding rats chocolate? My sisters mother in law said the lady at petsmart said they could. I said probably not because someone from petsmart said they could. But correct me if I'm wrong.:rolleyes:
  10. 2x5 second view

    2x5 second view

    Houses 3 sows perfectly.
  11. 2x5


    Downgraded to a 2x5. Houses 3 sows.
  12. medusa_stew

    Coroplast Will pigs chew Coroplast?

    A lot of people use these also, Google Image Result for http://www.viking-direct.co.uk/pictures/GB/VKG/SK/LG/2931-GN_sk_lg.jpg
  13. medusa_stew

    Ratties Considering a pair of rats

    My sister uses the ferret nation cages, she has 3 of them put together for one big cage! But she has 11 females. :eek: my only advice is keep them busy and don't keep them in your room:D Hope all goes well.
  14. medusa_stew

    Hay hammock?

  15. medusa_stew

    Hay hammock?

    oh god, I'm DONE changing my cage. Last time I changed it, it made me so MAD!
  16. medusa_stew

    Hay hammock?

    Expand?! If you expand then I'm gonna have too. a 3x5 is HUGE!
  17. medusa_stew

    Hay hammock?

    I bet Allie will love it. She sleeps in the cardboard tube, I always say to her "Ya know that little cozie over there is a lot more comfortable." hahaha
  18. medusa_stew

    Hay hammock?

    I downgraded to a 2x5, and it seems big to me, I bet a 3x5 is hard to fill up, lol.
  19. medusa_stew

    Hay hammock?

    I hate spending money on things I don't need, aka tunnel. but I needed something for there hay, I was just putting piles in there cage, but oxbow is too good to get urinated on.
  20. medusa_stew

    Hay hammock?

    Everything's pretty pricey on there. She got me a checkered tunnel too. I was like mom! there cage is already crammed:yuck: and I said when did you start caring about them?! lol