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  1. piggiejinx

    Photos Pigtures from our quick photo shoot tonight

    Sven is Bert. :)
  2. piggiejinx

    Photos Pigtures from our quick photo shoot tonight

    It set them in a chair and do a lot of adjusting. I also make ridiculous noises to get their attention.
  3. piggiejinx

    Worldwide Piggies

    I'm Katrina. I will be 29 on May 8th. I live in South Bend, Indiana. We have four guinea pigs. Bert and Ernie are litter mates and brothers. They are 5 weeks old. Dusty is Bert and Ernie's mom. She is 7 months old. Dottie is our newest addition. We adopted her to be Dusty's buddy after our...
  4. piggiejinx

    Adopting Ah! So cute!

    Super cute! I'm cracking up because a bunny from the rescue comes up on the right side of my screen. His name is Bunzille. Hahaha. He's so cute.
  5. piggiejinx

    Photos Pigtures from our quick photo shoot tonight

    and Dottie and Dusty. Dusty is Bert and Ernie's mom. We had neutered their father, Chug, but he passed away. We adopted Dottie two weeks ago from a local guinea pig rescue. Dottie is much larger and predominately the ginger color. Dusty is smaller, has a pointier face and is mostly white...
  6. piggiejinx

    Photos Pigtures from our quick photo shoot tonight

    I did a quick photo shoot with our piggies tonight.:) First, Ernie and Bert. Ernie has the black face and Bert is the brown roan. They are brothers and litter mates and will be 5 weeks old tomorrow. If you followed Dusty's pregnancy, these babies were originally Olaf and Sven. Ernie (L) and...
  7. piggiejinx

    Hi! Care to meet my boys?

    Welcome! They are adorable! I love the color on Thomas! You referred to hay as a "treat". Hay should be a bulk of their diet. :) It helps keep things moving and their back teeth ground down. Veggie time is loud around here. When I say, "Veggie time!" our pigs go crazy!
  8. piggiejinx

    Hay I just got my first KMS order

    We were going through oxbow bags like crazy. I'm sure web will use it but it's so much hay! Lol
  9. piggiejinx

    Diet Aldi in Maryland

    I'm not in MD, but I'll have to check out my local Aldi! :)
  10. piggiejinx

    Hay I just got my first KMS order

    45lbs of hay is a lot of hay. I'm not sure what I was thinking. lol. I might donate some to my local rescue.
  11. piggiejinx

    Pregnancy Mumma bear's pregnancy: need advice

    Very cute! Our recent litter was all boars. I had hoped for a sow to keep with mom but that did not happen. :) We adopted a friend for mom. Enjoy them! They grow so quickly.
  12. piggiejinx

    We have babies!!

    They are super cute! :) Congrats!
  13. piggiejinx

    Sexing Babies

    I sexed my boys as males the day they were born. There was a pretty distinguished "i", albeit small. I checked daily until 3.5 weeks. It took until around 3 weeks old for the penis to protrude when gently pressed. Can you post some photos for us? Easier said than done with wiggly babies, I know. :)
  14. piggiejinx


    I am so sorry for your loss. Run free, sweet Zipper.
  15. piggiejinx

    Chewy's vet did something wonderful

    That is so sweet. What a great keepsake.
  16. piggiejinx

    Sweetie Belle has passed

    I'm sorry for your loss. :(
  17. piggiejinx

    4 piggies, 1 pregnant :(

    I am very sorry for your losses. :(
  18. piggiejinx

    Brands Sweet Meadow Hay & Pellets

    We just switched to KMS hay/pellets. I found that even though shipping was $30 for a 45lb box, the price per pound was only $1.50, where a bag of Oxbow is $7.99 for 14oz. It was a big upfront cost, but the overall cost of $1.50lb was substantially less than $7.99 for less than a pound. :)
  19. piggiejinx

    How Many? Female companion for male guinea pig?

    I would get him a male companion. He will want to mate with the girls. Keeping him near them would be like torture to him when the girls are in heat. I have two baby males and a two females (adult and young adult). Their cages are on complete opposite sides of our living room.
  20. piggiejinx

    Hey Everyone, New to the Forum :)

    Welcome! Guinea pigs are incredible. :) I love ours.