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  1. kimberly78


    yup im sure and had her eval'd 2xs by different vets to be sure. They said she went neglected too long and it caused some brain damage ie the facial problems she has now.
  2. kimberly78


    Hello all. Ive recently adopted a guinea pig who was found roaming in a park in horrible shape. She was bald and full of mites/lice. The rescue that took her nursed her back to health. Ive had her for about a month now shes put on excellent weight, had a tooth trim and is such a joy. She does...
  3. kimberly78

    Old boar with problem

    Thanks. I am working late tonight so I dont have it in front of me. I think its something think otomax or something. I know it starts with an O but cant remember until I get home and can look at it, sorry. Thanks for the support though.
  4. kimberly78

    Old boar with problem

    Well where do I start. I lost Daisy a while back from what I know now was cancer she developed in her leg joint. Q is 7 years old, blind and of course slowing down. I noticed what seemed to be an ingrown hair on his side. When I touched it out came this thick white paste. He didnt even seem to...
  5. kimberly78

    having to rehome in Pa

    Where in PA are you? I am 25 min from philadelphia, more near NJ.
  6. kimberly78

    Comment by 'kimberly78' in media 'House Rabbit Cage'

    now thats a rabbit cage!!! awesome!
  7. kimberly78

    Looking to build cube cage for my Bun

    I made a cage with cubes and then my hubby made me a huge custom cage. My bunnies love their wood hide boxes! Also cat rattles, cant have too many of them. Black and white paper to shred is good to keep a bunny busy, my female will spend hours shredding paper! The size sounds great that you are...
  8. kimberly78

    Twisted ankle

    My girl Daisy somehow managed to twist her ankle causing a severe sprain. She was given a shot by the vet (to try and help take down some swelling and give a little pain relief) and I was sent home with a foot/leg soak and some meds. She is ina C&C cage with her buddy and there isnt a way for...
  9. kimberly78

    Looking to build cube cage for my Bun

    How big is the bunny? General rule of thumb is the rabbit should be able to stand upright without hitting its head for the height and hop 2 full times before reaching the end for the length. Of course bigger is always better.
  10. kimberly78

    Comment by 'kimberly78' in media 'Parakeets Cage'

    I know you say you may add on later but it really needs to be bigger. The curtain isnt good either, what if your keet decides to chew on it and do you put a new one in when you clean? Also your bird needs more perches and more toys, its rather depressing. I am in no way trying to hurt your...
  11. kimberly78

    Comment by 'kimberly78' in media 'swim time'

    I dunno on that. What if they get in and cant get out. I would be worried about them drowning. Maybe if it was modified
  12. kimberly78

    Comment by 'kimberly78' in media 'Budgie/bird cage'

    normally I would say these cages for birds arent a good idea, however i love the fact that you lined the grids with mesh, very smart. Its an awesome cage with tons of room. Very nicely done!
  13. kimberly78

    Comment by 'kimberly78' in media 'My Chinchillas' Cage'

    wow very nice, well done
  14. kimberly78

    Comment by 'kimberly78' in media 'rabbit cage multilevel, photo two of three'

    wow awesome cage, cant say enough on how great it is. Lucky bunnies! To the last 2 posters on this, bunnies can and by the looks of the pics are litter trained. My guys also have carpet and never mess on it. If the bunnies are litter trained there is no need for bedding. Just another reason...
  15. kimberly78

    Comment by 'kimberly78' in media 'Foster's cage'

    awesome cage and of course cute bunny!
  16. kimberly78

    Bedding Materials?

    I have 3 guinea pigs cages and 2 rabbits with litter pans so I go through bedding like its water. I finally found a place that can keep some change in my pocket. Its a feed store near the horse track. I get the equlivant to the large bags of aspen sold in petsmart which they sell for 11-12...
  17. kimberly78

    Coroplast size

    Thanks a bunch!
  18. kimberly78

    Coroplast size

    I finally get to go back to my C & C cage for my piggers. I rec moved and had to use a smaller cage temp until we got settled in. When I look at the old c & c cage now it needs a new lease on life since its a good 5 years old. Right now for my 2 pigs its a 2x3 grid and yes I know needs to be...
  19. kimberly78

    question about where to keep my cage

    I have kept my rabbit in my room and the only noise that bothered me was the chewing on the bars. Giving him toys and things to do at night will help. COngrats on the new baby