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  1. pennick

    1-1/2 Old Female For Adoption Queens Ny

    I had forgotten to mention in my post that all accessories I have - Vet Bed, Hay (pounds and pounds), Carefresh, Treats, hidey houses. cozies, tents, etc, etc. will also be yours. I also have a very large cage on a stand with wheels which is great to use to quarantine if a piggy needs to be...
  2. pennick

    1-1/2 Old Female For Adoption Queens Ny

    I have a 1-1/2 old female guinea pig named copper that I would love to adopt out. I live in Queens, New York. She is a rust color, just gorgeous. I have not handled her much but she will come to you for food and treats and loves to be stroked on her head. She will let you know when she wants...
  3. pennick

    Looking for Guinea Pig in Ny

    I have a beautiful 1-1/2 old brownish red female guinea pig named copper. I live in queens and would love to adopt her out. Her cage mate is Nickel, a dominant piggy and Copper would love a mate to play with. She is constantly crying to Nickel to be her friend but Nickel will have none of it...
  4. pennick

    How many is too many?

    I've tried every green I am able to get my hands on and my piggies enjoy, romaine, red leaf, endive, ridichio, chickory, parlsey and kale. I feed them a little of each twice a day (parsley and kale are fed sparingly). They also receive a piece of pepper, and I buy a different color each week...
  5. pennick

    carefresh bedding

    I have been using carefresh and love it. It stays in place, no dust, and when I have to clean it out and put a new bag in there is no mess. I buy the 50 liters (the largest one) and its on sale at petco from 10.00 to 13.50. There is always a special, whether is free shipping if you spend a...
  6. pennick

    Something I read in a book.

    Mine love apple branches but they have to be very thin. They won't bother with thick ones.
  7. pennick

    Does Hay Expire?

    I ordered a new batch of hay. I still had some timothy hay left over but decided I had it long enough. Started turning a little brown. Had for about 5 months. I keep it dry and air reaches it but it still tends to turn over a period of time.
  8. pennick

    laziest pigs in the universe

    My piggies were active in the beginning. As they get older they tend to simmer down and become less active. Mine will become alert when it's time for breakfast, then treat, then fill up their hay. Then after about an hour they become lazy again unless it's to nibble on their hay or drink some...
  9. pennick

    Long, short, different?

    The only difference is that I have to trim my piggies hair about every 3 months since it drags along the shavings and can get matted and wet. Other than that there is no difference.
  10. pennick

    The New Diet

    1/8th a cup sounds pretty drastic to me. I do not curtail my piggies intake of food. I have 2 piggies and they get about 2 handfuls of veggies twice a day, all the hay they want and a small bowl of pellets which they eat leisurely throughout the day and night. If this is all piggies eat I...
  11. pennick

    I can't tame my Guinea Pigs :(

    My piggy headbutts me when she doesn't want to be petted on her head. She prefers being stroked down her back. Your piggy is telling you to lay off the head. Try another area. It took her approx. 6 months to allow me to pet her without her running away. My other piggy wheeked her head...
  12. pennick

    coraplast joining

    I wonder if using binder clips on the sides would hold it down in place. This way you wouldn't have to use any tape. I am planning on redoing my cage. I am going to scale it down a bit. I want to make something like an L shape and am planning on using 2 separate pieces of coroplast. Will...
  13. pennick

    how many piggies do you have per cage?

    I have a 3 level 2x4. The first level is carefresh with 2 swing doors that I can pull out the coroplast and clean it out. The 2nd and 3rd level has vetbed which I just pick up and replace. Takes me approx. 1 hour for a full cleaning every 3 weeks.
  14. pennick

    how much do your piggies cost per month?

    For one month.....Shavings $15.00.....Veggies $50.00.....treats $10.00. So it comes to about $75.00 a month. Not cheap. That doesnt include nail clipping every 3 months which is $30.00 for 2 piggys.
  15. pennick

    Rehome 2 Young Females Queens Ny

    Unfortunately I have 2 daughters who just gave birth and I am so busy that I have no time for the care and attention for my 2 piggys. Nickel the black, tan and white one is 1 - 1/2 yrs and copper the brown one is 8 months old. Nickel enjoys lap time and copper has not had much of that but will...
  16. pennick

    cage supports

    I use the white tubing on a hanger. The kind you get from the cleaners that they put your slacks on. The hangar pops out from one end and the tubing is the perfect size. I placed it where needed on my second level and it reached the 3rd level perfectly. Can replace anytime if need be.
  17. pennick

    Boston/Wellesley Pignic, June 11th

    Doesn't anyone worry that a female piggy may accidently be put in with the males? Or visa a versa. I know we get posts all the time from people whose piggy is sexed wrong and find out at a later date that their male is a female, or female is a male.
  18. pennick

    Advice for guineas with pododermatitis/clubfoot/bumblefoot

    There are other medications beside baytril to try. I would suggest to the vet to change to another medication. Hay over newspaper is not an ideal bedding. Hay gets moldy rather quickly which in itself can cause fungus for your piggy. I would change to fleece or vetbed especially since...
  19. pennick


    I made sure the hammock was close enough to the ground so my piggy can hop right in.
  20. pennick

    vet bed, anyone use this for piggys

    I have been using vet bed for the 2nd and 3rd floor for the past year and love it. I bought four 2x3 pieces and wouldn't trade it for the world. I don't have to wash it for at least 2 weeks. It stays dry and no smell. I have the thickest vetbed and I also tried the not so thick and there is...