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  1. Earausch

    Anyone play videogames?

    Sometimes if I have time, PC mostly, L4D 1+2, CoD(not very often) AudioSurf, TF2, few others randomly, not super big on them anymore cus I've been super busy. I watch my boyfriend play NHL on xbox alot
  2. Earausch

    Upper Levels Loft Support ideas?

    I just don't see the OP having an option to go vertical with a dowel, the Home Depot store would have to cut the ends at 45 degree angles and still keep the proper length for maximum support
  3. Earausch

    Upper Levels Loft Support ideas?

    Ziptieing or otherwise really securing a few 1/4 inch diameter(or whatever you can find that's not flimsy) from the far edge of the loft to the bottom of the cage should be fairly simple, I can try and draw a picture if my description made no sense. I'd play around with some idea's on the...
  4. Earausch

    Allergies Really want a guinea pig..but...

    I get pretty bad allergic reaction to my hay/pigs(because they touch the hay then I hold and snuggle them), I take Benadryl/off brand Benadryl. Also, when giving them their hay if you find you're allergic to alot of the hays I tie a bandana around my nose/mouth, and when I am done snuggling I...
  5. Earausch

    General Fleece

    If you are going to sew your liner together, doing some quilting stitches can help minimize waves, I use a little dustbuster for my fleece to pick up poos so i have minimal waves
  6. Earausch

    Biting Help! I have a biter!

    My pigs don't bite me, but they bite the other members of family(they live in my room based on my parents orders and the fact that I am in my room more than any other place in the house) and it seems like they bite them because they don't know who they are like they know me. I also did say ow...
  7. Earausch

    Cage What to build??

    I found that starting with just a basic rectangle 2x4(2x5 is what you are going to want to work up to with two boars as it may help reduce friction between them if you can give them the most space you can) was the easiest for me to get into the C&C. I got my pigs when they were about 3 weeks old...
  8. Earausch

    Grooming Any hints on brushing/combing?

    Pet her as you are brushing if she likes being pet, and let her eat some of her favorite veggies. Not the same situation but it is the ONLY way I can do my piggies nails is to let them have as much of their favorite veggies as they want.
  9. Earausch

    Cage Help on cages

    Here's a picture of my cage I have a devider up because I have a boy and a girl, but when the boy gets neutered it will become just a grid that I have cut and filed/smoothed the bottom half off to support the lid because as you can see my moms cat is curious. So you can see the off set grids so...
  10. Earausch

    how much would you say is too much to pay for a guinea pig?

    You said what I was trying to say better than me!
  11. Earausch

    Cage Help on cages

    For an average 2x4 C&C I think most people are between 30-50$. My cage alone was probably 70$ but I had to put it on a grid stand and make it 100% cat proof, I am not sure what the cage was exactly because of all of the accessories I have gotten for my room that were going to be part of the...
  12. Earausch

    how much would you say is too much to pay for a guinea pig?

    At a rescue I would probably pay way more than 20$ because of the good deeds they do as long as the money is going to help the animals and not line a corporations pocket book. I don't put a price on a living thing, meaning I am giving the rescue or the shelter funds so they can continue saving...
  13. Earausch

    General "Adopting" a piggie in need from my friend. Will be leaving for 18 days! NEED HELP!

    Re: "Adopting" a piggie in need from my friend. Will be leaving for 18 days! NEED HEL Talk to you mom about what would make it the least stressful on her, a list or a video. Do you have another friend who would be willing to trade off every other day with your boyfriend? Or just someone who...
  14. Earausch

    Good ways to earn money?

    There's really no reason they shouldnt. Alot of the time people buy from those corner standsbbecause they are impressed by the initiative. You can even say you know, looking to earn money to help my parents on your advertisment. Adults and especially parents think its wonderful when kids want to...
  15. Earausch

    Good ways to earn money?

    Lemonade Stand or Hot cocoa/Cider stand(since autumn/winter is here) kids in my town still do this and have lots of success, find a mildly busy(but safe) corner and set up shop, with a plastic folding table and a catchy sign "Chase away the Chill" or something, and charge 1$ per cup
  16. Earausch

    Cleaning Smelly Fleece

    Is this the second week with the first fleece set you put down? Meaning you have not done a full cage cleaning/washing everything?
  17. Earausch

    General Funny Guinea Pigs Names

    She's black and rusty brown agouti with the rusty brown tummy and one rear white foot. And Gibbs has a white spot on his forehead and is the black/rust brown agouti
  18. Earausch

    General Funny Guinea Pigs Names

    I have a Gibbs and Abby(though in reality Gibbs is turning out to be more like a Tony, but Abby is just so sweet and snuggley) and my three fish are, Benny the Blue Betta, and Escar and Got(I think they're jumbo neon tetras, they're silver with red on their back and tail fin)
  19. Earausch

    Not Eating HELP! Vet closed until morning. Anything else I can do?

    Thats a better question for a mod or someone with more experience than me. Im sorry i cant help eith that one
  20. Earausch

    Not Eating HELP! Vet closed until morning. Anything else I can do?

    Does he have unlinited access to the alfalfa pellets(is he under 6months?) Gibbs who is just a little over three months is almost 700g but i know differrnt pigs have different body builds, so to me(people with more experience i would love it if you correct me or verify) 400g seems a little on...