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  1. Trega

    Level of Effort? How much more. . .

    Well from 2 to 6-7 will be a lot more effort in my opinion. That is 3 times the hay, pellets, vegetables, space in your home, vet bills, your time and energy for floor time etc. I guess you will know if you look in your bank account and know you can spend three times the amount of money on your...
  2. Trega

    Blog New Liner

    Yay for Hello Kitty! Really nice job :)
  3. Trega

    Videos Guinea pig shaking? heart beat? Video

    I really think you need to understand what Bpatters had said earlier to you. You should be saving your money for future vet visits BEFORE you decide to adopt a guinea pig. Your guinea pig should not be thought of as an animal that when "broken" can then be replaced by one that isn't. These...
  4. Trega

    Play more pictures of my piggies!

    Hey thanks for sharing your pictures! They are very cute :) I was just curious if you are considering building them a C&C cage? They look awfully cramped in that little cage and probably would be much better off with some more space. Also, salt wheels are not necessary for guinea pigs.
  5. Trega

    Blog Nail Cutting Day

    Wow, I wish my pigs were that calm during nail clippings, I need 2 people to do mine :)
  6. Trega

    Blog Kingsley's First Vet Visit

    So if you have been following my blog, you will know that I recently adopted a second pig, Ludovic, who is in quarantine. In the time of the quarantine I had planned to take both pigs at separate times to the vet to get a check up and medicated if there are any issues. I found an exotic vet in...
  7. Trega

    Blog How to be a hedgehog Guinea Pig style.

    Lol how cute!
  8. Trega

    Sick Is he ok?

    Do you by chance weigh him on a regular basis to see about weight gain or loss? If he begins to lose weight that is usually a good indicator that something is medically wrong with your guinea pig. If you are really worried about him, it might not hurt to take him to the vet to be sure, or at...
  9. Trega

    Fleece Fleece Bedding Hazards?

    Personally, none of my pigs have ever eaten their fleece bedding, though none of my pigs were/are big chewers. A lot of people also clamp the edges of their fleece with clips against the walls and therefore they really wouldn't be able to bite it very easily. I don't think that you would have to...
  10. Trega


    Ah, there are bigger pieces linked on that page, must have just clicked the wrong size.
  11. Trega

    Blog Craigslist temptation - Best I've seen yet

    Lol, resist the urge, it is hard to do. I feel bad for all those poor pigs but you just have to hope that someone will take them and maybe find this site!
  12. Trega


    Ok I looked it up online for you from homedepot. I typed in a Columbus, Ohio zip code to see if it was available in stores they are in stock in multiple stores such as the store on Cleveland Ave, Sawmill, Orange Township, Hilliard, and East Columbus. Here is the link: Product Information Error...
  13. Trega

    Blog The Adventures of Ludovic

    Kim37040 Thanks a lot! I hope so too, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he may have mites, a bit more itchy than normal, vet visit coming soon though!
  14. Trega

    Greetings from the Midwest US

    Welcome to the forum Lipo :) A lot of really good information that you will need is on this site and also http://www.guinealynx.com which is a really great site if you have medical issues with your pig. I would recommend you peruse the topics on both sites and get a good idea of how to prepare...
  15. Trega

    Blog The Adventures of Ludovic

    I had been searching these past few weeks for a male guinea pig that I could adopt to be companions with Kingsley. In my area I found it to be difficult. The pigs on Craigslist were being adopted faster than I could write an e-mail. So finally on Guineapigzone.com I came across a woman who was...
  16. Trega

    Any other adoption websites?

    Maybe you could try Craigslist for your area? It's not always the best option, but you may find someone who would be a responsible pet owner for your pig. Good luck!
  17. Trega

    3 sweet guinea pigs looking for a home, Belleville, Illinois

    Thanks for being so awesome and adopting these lovely piggies! Everyone helping out with the transport are rockin too!
  18. Trega

    nawbie has questions!

    Hey welcome to the forum! I really like the picture :) If your guinea pig did fall recently, please make sure you monitor him well for signs of injury. If he isn't walking or eating, etc, it may be a good idea to take him to a vet for exotics to make sure he is ok. Fleece is really great for...
  19. Trega

    Joy My Guinea Pigs Are Coming Around!

    It might help if they are constantly fighting over things, it might give them more space.
  20. Trega

    Joy My Guinea Pigs Are Coming Around!

    #1 1 cup per pig per day is good #2 I put the veggies on different sides so they won't be fighting over eating #3 some pigs don't drink a lot of water because there is water in their veggies, my pig drinks very little water #4 Hay in toilet paper rolls tend to be fun for piggies, a lot of...