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  1. ILoveMillie

    Post a collage photo of all your pets (don't forget your piggies!)

    Ruby (top left corner)- 7 year old mutt who is so sweet and understanding. She's the one that will stop whatever she's doing and come sit close to you if she feels you're sad. She's super loyal too, and if very protective of us, but has grown fond of her new baby sister Ginger! Ruby will clean...
  2. ILoveMillie

    Ovarian Cysts Ovarian Cysts in Two-Year-Old

    Great news! Sounds like she had the surgery just in time! I'm sure she'll be her usually self in no time. That's how my Millie was.
  3. ILoveMillie

    Ovarian Cysts Ovarian Cysts in Two-Year-Old

    My 3-year old sow began losing hair on her sides, on her neck (behind her ears), her nipples were enlarged, and she even developed two extra very tiny nipples. Everything pointed at ovarian cysts, so we tried the hormone shots before we tried the surgery because of her age. The shots didn't help...
  4. ILoveMillie

    Cage Let's see your cage Pictures please.

    My cage went from a split 3x5 to two 2x3's! I loved my 3x5, but it was in a hard place to clean and the 2x3's are much easier! One 2x3 is for my single sow Millie, and then I foster for my local small animal rescue, so the other one is open for any fosters! Right now I have a foster named Rhino...
  5. ILoveMillie

    What gender pets do you normally like?

    I seem to have all female animals! Both of my dogs are females, but I would recommend having a male and a female dog (both fixed of course!) or two males rather than two females. However, my girls get along great! I've never had a male dog and would love one in the future, but my parents don't...
  6. ILoveMillie

    Photo of the Wheek! Contest: Black & White Photos

    Black and white picture of a black and white piggy! :)
  7. ILoveMillie

    Photo of the Wheek! Contest: Spring Pigs!

    Millie's ready for a bright and colorful spring!
  8. ILoveMillie

    Joy American Shorthairs Demand Equal Time: Post If You Own/Love Them

    Whoops! I don't know how that last pictures of Piper, the silver agouti, got in there! I foster for my local small animal rescue, and my current fosters are both 1 year old American Shorthaired sisters named Paige and Piper :) Paige is the tri colored one!
  9. ILoveMillie

    Joy American Shorthairs Demand Equal Time: Post If You Own/Love Them

    My sassy but sweet Millie! I say she's sassy because she HATES all other guinea pigs. No matter if it's neutered males, sows, or just little babies. She loves when they live next door, and she LOVES people. She pancakes on my lap or chest almost instantly!
  10. ILoveMillie

    How did you get your username?

    My guinea pig's name is Millie, and I love her :) I actually made the account before my parents gave me the okay to adopt Millie! I had met her at an adoption event and had a feeling that, even though it was a long shot, my parents would let me adopt her. A few weeks later, at the rescues next...
  11. ILoveMillie

    Other Pit Bulls?

    In my opinion pit bulls are the best dogs ever. I do not have one (:sad:) but when the time is right I will be going to the pound or to a rescue and adopting my first one. Although I do not have one, I am a volunteer for an amazing local pit bull rescue. There are so many in my area because we...
  12. ILoveMillie

    Blog Millie - Story of a Rescue Pig

    This is such an amazing story. I wish everyone could read it before they even thought about going to a breeder/petstore. Thanks for sharing!
  13. ILoveMillie

    Behavior Burrowing Buggers

    I can! My guinea pig Millie is the fleece burrowing queen. Within a couple hours after cleaning the cage she would be under the fleece :/ I had a 3x5 and most of my fleece was uhaul/fleece pads that were cut and sewn to size. I tried bricks, putting heavy things in the corners, pretty much...
  14. ILoveMillie

    C&C My new cage!!!

    It looks awesome! I'm sure the piggies love it!!
  15. ILoveMillie

    Photo of the WHEEK! Contest: "PIGGIES EATING"

    Millie playing tug-o-war with me over a piece of hay! She sure does love her hay! I was using some strands of hay as a bribe to keep her still while I was doing a mini photoshoot with her. P.S. She won the tug-o-war... :)
  16. ILoveMillie

    Photo of the WHEEK! Contest: "CUTEST PIGGY LIPS"

    Millie hanging out in her tunnel showing off her very pink piggy lips! :)
  17. ILoveMillie

    Photo of the WHEEK! Contest: "SLEEPING GUINEA PIGS"

    Millie sleeping in my lap while we watch TV.
  18. ILoveMillie

    Joy What is the name of your pig(s) ???

    I have one single sow black and white American Shorthair piggy who absolutely hates other guinea pigs. Her name is Millie!
  19. ILoveMillie

    How Many? How bad is it to have only one?

    It seems like your guinea pig likes it better being by himself. Some guinea pigs are just like that. I have a single sow that I've tried multiple times with other sows, neutered males, etc. and she never gets a long with them. I think from what you're saying he is happier having guinea pig...
  20. ILoveMillie

    Photo of the WHEEK! Contest: "CUTE PIGGIES"

    "Whatcha' doin' mama?" Millie being her nosy self with her black and white whiskers!