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  1. LittlePiggie

    I'm NEW and 15 years old

    Welcome! I'm 15 as well!
  2. LittlePiggie

    Weight Loss Something's very wrong

    Hey guys, she passed away last night. We googled for an emergency vet and we were on our way, when she just had passed. It was about an hour an a half away... :( Thanks for all the help though, you guys. She's up waiting for me on Rainbow Bridge.
  3. LittlePiggie

    Weight Loss Something's very wrong

    Ok, thanks.
  4. LittlePiggie

    Weight Loss Something's very wrong

    No vets are open tonight in my area. The closest one that takes guinea pigs is an hour away and they were only open until 7. Just yesterday though, she was running around! What happened?
  5. LittlePiggie

    Behavior Spice isn't acting right

    That's exactly how Zippie was when I first got her. After a week of what looked like she wasn't eating or drinking, I put her in with Mia. Then she was a happy little piggy. As soon as she saw Mia she totally perked up. I hope this helps, sometimes new piggies are just picky.
  6. LittlePiggie

    Weight Loss Something's very wrong

    My mom's guinea pig can't balance herself, and she is laying down with her legs sticking out to her sides. She has a stuffy nose, and she has had a lot of weight loss. She won't eat or drink, my mom and I both tried feeding her with a needle that had water in it, and it just went in her mouth...
  7. LittlePiggie

    URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI?!?! Help please!

    I woke up this morning and my guinea pig's breathing was very loud and crackly. Her coat has been looking puffed up for the past few days, and she has lost a lot of weight since two days ago. This only points to one thing for me- URI. I have a problem. I have to go to a funeral in half an hour...
  8. LittlePiggie

    Reference Getting nails clipped...

    I usually get my pig's nails done at the vet. It is so expensive though. $15 per pig. Can you use human nail clippers? Or do you need special ones they sell at pet supplies stores? I do know how to cut piggie nails. I just need to know if using human nail clippers is okay or not.
  9. LittlePiggie

    Just wanted to share my news....

    Re: meet Bombon & Ruby and their beautiful babies: Aw they are all so adorable!
  10. LittlePiggie

    Feet Toe Nails spiral in on itself

    Get it clipped at the vet. They will probably only charge you a small amount, or maybe not at all.
  11. LittlePiggie

    Behavior hair chewing

    I am unexperienced with "hair chewing" but my pigs always chew on my clothing. Usually I just say "no no no" but in a quiet serious tone instead of the babying-tone I usually use. Just get to their level and tell them no, quietly and nicely but seriously. Sooner or later they'll get the point.
  12. LittlePiggie


    Cute piggie:)
  13. LittlePiggie

    Fighting Boys Fighting

    Seperate them for a week or two, then put them all back together but keep a close eye on them. If they start fighting again, then seperate them again. It is just the way the males establish dominance, if the fighting isn't drawing blood or severely hurting the others, then there really is no...
  14. LittlePiggie

    Flags This is disgusting.

    WANTED 2000 guinea pigs a month Really. This person posted twice in the past 2 days. Are they seriously talking about guinea pigs here? Or like a pig?
  15. LittlePiggie

    Hi I'm new here

    Aw cute names :)
  16. LittlePiggie

    Hi I'm new here

    Wow that is quite a bunch of piggies! Looking forward to seeing pictures of them:) What are their names?
  17. LittlePiggie

    Size how big should be there shelter

    I agree. Is that all that is in your cage? A stool??
  18. LittlePiggie

    C&C HELP!!!!!!!! parents wont let me have a C&C cage!!!

    For the cage situation, maybe you could build a custom constructed cage. I am in the process of constructing mine, with supplies from home depot. Connect your two cages by using thin pieces of wood board, and it would be open at the top. This is my layout, the blue tape is where the wood is...
  19. LittlePiggie

    Forages Unlimited fresh grass?

    Well I wouldn't over feed them. And it doesn't replace their hay, pellets, and needs for vitamin C. Grass is a treat for my pigs. Whenever I take them outside they can eat it to their heart's content. I don't see how it would harm them, but make sure you are still feeding them hay, pellets, and...
  20. LittlePiggie

    Eyes/Non-crusty White liquid from eyes?

    Yes that is exactly what it looks like. The swelling is gone, maybe it was just because her eyes had so much of the goop. It's mostly all gone as of now. Thanks for posting this link so much!