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  1. NavyGirl1775

    Reference Crochet Cuddly Cavies for adoption

    Voodoo, I hope things get back to "normal" for you soon. My husband, his mother and I went to Biloxi after Katrina to do what we could to help. I will keep you and all of your friends and neighbors in my prayers. Erin
  2. NavyGirl1775

    How many hidey houses?

    We have 3 in each of our cages. Each cage has 2 boars. We chose to do 3 so there would be a neutral hidey for them. It seems to work well for our herd.
  3. NavyGirl1775

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I realize this is a day early but we are going to my inlaws for Thanksgiving. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.
  4. NavyGirl1775

    Hurricane Disaster Relief

    My husband, mother in law and myself are leaving on Sunday to head to Biloxi, MS. We're working with a Luteran Church down there. We will be taking our pop up camper with us and staying in the church parking lot. We plan on packing our full size van as full as we can with supplies. The Pastor...
  5. NavyGirl1775

    Pictures of guinea pigs!

    Ok, my pics are too big to post on the forum but my boys are in some of the cage pics in my gallery. They also have pictures of themselves on their website at www.sugar-pigs4.blinkz.com . They think they are so sneaky. They think that I don't know about the site. :D They also have...
  6. NavyGirl1775

    Pictures of guinea pigs!

    That's the first time I've heard of a guinea pig having my name. I think it's pretty cute. I have all boars so I can't do that. Erin & The Sugar Pigs
  7. NavyGirl1775

    Using Grids to make Base

    I'm a little late to this thread but if you made a stand like I have for my boys, it would take a total of 17 grids. 11 to make the base and 6 to make the "floor" that the coroplast would sit on. There are pics in my gallery of how I've done our cage. The most recent model is titled "New Cage...
  8. NavyGirl1775

    how many cubes?

    It depends on if you are putting it on a stand or not. If you are making just the outside part of the cage it will be 16 cubes. If you put it on a stand made out of cubes, the stand would be 20 cubes (if built like I built mine), the "floor" would be 12 cubes and then the perimeter of the cage...
  9. NavyGirl1775

    How many piggies do you have?

    We have four piggies at the moment, all boars. They are Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Caramel & Rocky Road. There are pictures on their website at www.sugar-pigs4.com
  10. NavyGirl1775

    question from new cavy owner

    We don't have a cover on ours. We currently have four boars. They like to stand on their back legs and have their noses at the top of the cage, especially if they hear or see food coming. I believe, correct me if I'm wrong, that in order for a cavy to get over something they have to be able...
  11. First Camping Trip

    First Camping Trip

    This is Caramel & Rocky Road on their first camping trip. When we take them camping they stay in their travel cage at night or if we are away from the site. When we are at the site, they get mega "floor time". We had not even had the "little boys" a week when I took this picture.
  12. NavyGirl1775

    Do you want to be a Cavy Cage Star?

    I am in the process of sending you pics via e-mail but realized I forgot to put my CavyCages name on the e-mail. Hopefully you can cross reference this. Erin H & The Sugar Pigs:sorry:
  13. NavyGirl1775

    Reference Crochet Cuddly Cavies for adoption

    Voodoo, Have your fingers fallen off yet? I have a feeling we may have some new members soon who will be wanting multiple cuddly cavies. I sent pics of cuddly Rocky Road out last night. Everyone is asking where I got him from and saying they would love to have ones made of their piggies...
  14. NavyGirl1775

    Reccomended toys

    There is a page on this website about Toys. I have used some of the ideas on it. My four boars play with ping pong balls and each cage has a bird toy hanging in it. They also like to play with their critter kabob even when it has nothing on it. There are pics in my gallery of how I hang the...
  15. NavyGirl1775

    Reference Crochet Cuddly Cavies for adoption

    Rocky Road arrived today. My husband thought I was nuts when I opened the box. He's been introduced to his namesake and to Peanut Butter. I love him Voodoo and thanks for doing this. I have a feeling that I'll be having you make 5 more piggies soon. :)
  16. NavyGirl1775

    Comment by 'NavyGirl1775' in media 'Hanging Toys'

    Jackie, I sent you a PM in regards to the picture. Erin
  17. NavyGirl1775

    Comment by 'NavyGirl1775' in media 'Hanging Toys'

    There is one "toy" on each string. There are two strings in each cage. One holds their treat kabob and the other holds a bird toy. How big is your lower level and do you have a pic of it?
  18. NavyGirl1775

    Comment by 'NavyGirl1775' in media 'Hanging Toys'

    It's actually tied to itself. I made the piece of fishing line a bit more than twice the width of the cage. I then looped it around one of the grids and ran it across the width of the cage. There is actually two lines running across on each line. I then wrapped around the other side of the...
  19. Hanging Toys

    Hanging Toys

    We tried a bungee cord across the cage to hold their hanging toys. It pulled the cage inward though. I picked up a spool of 30 lb fishing line and used that across the cage. There are two in each cage, one for the critter kabob and one for their bird toy.
  20. NavyGirl1775

    Comment by 'NavyGirl1775' in media '3-story pigger cage'

    The Sugar Pigs are jealous! Granted, their Mom (Me) likes having their cage all on one level.