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  1. kittnkarr

    Comment by 'kittnkarr' in media 'The Bachlor Pad'

    Thanks for the positive comments. I recently lost one of my boars on the bottom so now there are 3 boys on the bottom and there are 3 sows and 1 neutered boy on the top section.
  2. kittnkarr

    Comment by 'kittnkarr' in media 'The Bachlor Pad'

    Guinea101 Bricks are not bad they are used to catch water from leaky bottles and for pigs to lay on top of to keep cool. A lot of people here use them.
  3. kittnkarr

    Two cages on top of each other

    Have you seen my thread about the cage designs that I have tried? I recently tried again to create stacked cages for my 2 groups of pigs. https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/about-cages/13579-my-c-c-cage.html If you go towards the bottom you will see new pictures of what I had created. The...
  4. kittnkarr

    Question for Computer People

    Janet hit the nail on the head about this one. To be honest you are better with Windows XP if you can/or have the program already. My b/f to works with computers/servers, etc everyday and he told me that Vista is still not the best OS (operating system) yet. He has been beta testing (before it...
  5. kittnkarr

    Howdy From Wisconsin

    I know where Sheboygan is and my mom's b/f is actually from there. Talk about a small world. Since I have always lived near the IL/WI border I frequent WI quite often. My friends that are born and raised in WI say that I know my way around their state more so then most Wisconsinites...
  6. kittnkarr

    Comment by 'kittnkarr' in media 'The Bachlor Pad'

    I think that I got that one at Hanncock Fabrics at their last sale.
  7. kittnkarr

    All our dogs

    Patience lots of it is what is needed. I have been working with my dogs and taking pictures since they were pups. They have learned that flash means camera. Camera means ham it up, and it also means that the little box with a flash gives out treats. What you see is trust between my dogs and me...
  8. kittnkarr

    Pictures of you!

    Ok, I figured I would take a stab at this. This is a picture with my 2 dogs Shadowfax and Fizgig.
  9. kittnkarr

    All our dogs

    Ok, I finally got my pictures of my pooches upload onto photobucket and here they are to share with the whole crew here. Fizgig -- 2 yr old sheltie/lab mix close to 70 pounds Shadowfax -- 6.5 yr old Black lab/Chow mix also close to 70 pounds Both together
  10. kittnkarr


    I just bought some new coro today. 2 full 4x8 sheets and 1 1/2 sheet for $30.00 w/tax. The people there always wanted to know what we made with the coro since quite a few of us frequent the store. I sent them an email today thanking them for the coro along with the website address and pictures...
  11. kittnkarr

    Comment by 'kittnkarr' in media 'The Bachlor Pad'

    Your rating my cage a 7.00 cause it looks small. Did you not read the discripiton of my cage. It is a 2X7 which is way larger than a normal cage size for the number of pigs that are housed in it. 4 pigs to be exact. Please redo your math cause a 2x7 is over 8ft in length.
  12. kittnkarr

    My C & C Cage

    Thanks for the tip Sari and it is much appreciated.
  13. The 3 somes cage

    The 3 somes cage

    The upper section of my stack cage houses my neutered male and 2 sows. Just like my previous pictures there is storage underneath the whole cage layout.
  14. The Bachlor Pad

    The Bachlor Pad

    Here is the new home for the 4 boars. They now have a 2x7 on the lower level of this stacked cage. I will be adding a few more things here and there for them but it will pretty much stay the same for a long time. Below their section is a storage area, well actually litter pan areas for the cats. Ab
  15. New stacked cage for both herds

    New stacked cage for both herds

    This is the cage prior to placing in any bedding, food, water bottles, etc. This cage will house 3 pigs above in the 2x6 and below will house 4 boars in a 2x7. Everything is held together with connectors and zip ties.
  16. kittnkarr

    My C & C Cage

    I knew there was a third thing that I wanted to answer. Thanks for your info on water bottles but they are going to remain the way they are laid out. Since they have a tendency to leak at times I like to keep them over the bricks that I have and I do not want to have bricks lying in various...
  17. kittnkarr

    My C & C Cage

    Slave thanks for tips. In answer to your questions. 1) I am not sure if I will go with coro or with lino at this time for the base of the cage. I'll have to see right now what you see is a temporary cage bottom. As you can see on the upper level the fleece runs up the back of the cage to keep...
  18. kittnkarr

    Happy birthday JennG

    Happy Birthday Jenn!
  19. kittnkarr

    Have you had any other pet other than a cavy?

    Where do I begin since my list is so long. hahaa I currently have the following animals in my home. 7 Guinea Pigs - 5 boars and 2 sows Stryder Piper Max Twitchy Callaway Little Squeaky Kirie2 Dogs Shadowfax Blk Lab/Chow Mix Fizgig (aka Fizzy) Sheltie/Lab Mix1 Hamster named Ping 4 Cats -...
  20. kittnkarr

    I love craigslist

    What a score and I love the look of the couch. That is a really great find and for free, that makes it all the better. **kittn runs off to check craigslist**