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  1. ScottandDebbie

    Veg*n Taking Friends Out To Dinner, and Paying For Meat Dinners?

    Still listening closely to all your postings. Thank You. Our *truest* goal is NOT to push our beliefs upon another, but to hold true to our heart's intention, and that is to NOT harm animals. This is really a tough one. I believe the way in which we approach this with our friends is going to...
  2. ScottandDebbie

    Veg*n Taking Friends Out To Dinner, and Paying For Meat Dinners?

    Scott and I have been vegan/ veg for three years now. Not a bit of meat has passed our lips from that time on. Thanks to viewing a PETA video. (I still cry when I revisit that video.) The ONLY reason we are vegetarians is because of animal cruelty. We have been having a discussion about the...
  3. ScottandDebbie

    My girls don't like floor time anymore (long)

    Hi Allison, Your little piggers are not coming out because they are feeling unsecured. And the puppy/ dog encounter didn't help. Firstly... we have two well trained service dogs. ( Dogs for the disabled.) Each dog was certified after a 2 year training program. In their training they are...
  4. ScottandDebbie

    The Pain Is So Sharp....

    Thank you all for your kinds words and compassion. They do help so much. People who have gp's understand how deeply they get into your heart, and how extremely sad it is when they leave us. :weepy: My eyes are so swollen from crying. I have bags underneath my eyes. Last night I dug up one...
  5. ScottandDebbie

    The Pain Is So Sharp....

    :weepy: Our *PRECIOUS* Oscar Died today. :weepy: "Just Old Age", the vet said. (Oscar was one of *T*'s resued piggies that we got from her a few years ago.) Right now all I can do is tear up every time I think of my little guy. We loved him SOOOOOooooo...... much. We are going to miss...
  6. ScottandDebbie

    Pictures of you!

    Recent Picture of Scott and I.
  7. ScottandDebbie


    Both Scott and I had tattoos done on the inside of our right lower leg for our wedding anniversary, in July. They turned out nicely and there really wasn't any real pain, just a slight uncomfortable feeling towards the end. And they healed quickly. Here is my tattoo. We wanted our tats to...
  8. ScottandDebbie

    New to this site

    Welcome to the Site. This is one of the *BEST* GP site on the internet. (((( Seriously ))))) You'll get tons and tons of very important information to help keep Mickey happy and healthy. We would love to see some pictures of Mickey's cage.
  9. ScottandDebbie

    Daily Water amount per GP

    Ditto to what This_lil_Piggy, and others said. We have two piggies. One loves to hang out at the water bottle, and the other just does a "hit and run" on the bottle. Their veggie intake is high, so they are getting plenty of fluids.
  10. ScottandDebbie

    I am Bit and Bleeding

    Hi Foppie, Our Fizbit is lovingly called our demon pig. We jokingly say he was born a little *spitfire*. So much for the gentle attitude that GP's are suppose to have... Not with Fizzy. He is mostly all bluff, but while Scott is changing the fleeces in the cage, he will make this type of...
  11. ScottandDebbie

    Smelly Piggie

    We have two older gentlemen piggers. Five/ six years old. Oscars pees much more than Fizbit, and Oscar is our stinky little pig if we don't change out his fleece, and cozy every day, sometime twice a day. In their cage, we use a thick layer of pine shavings as a bottom layer, A thick layer...
  12. ScottandDebbie

    I'm going to Breed my Pigs!

    That was a *good* one.. lol
  13. ScottandDebbie

    Wishing You a HAPPY SPRING

    You are indeed most welcome. :)
  14. ScottandDebbie

    Wishing You a HAPPY SPRING

    It's Spring. A Card for *You* in picture link below.
  15. ScottandDebbie

    Comment by 'ScottandDebbie' in media 'New larger cage-had to make room for baby!'

    I especially liked the way you were able to place a cover over the ramp. And the slop of the ramp look good as well. I am a real safety *Nut*. And I think you thought this cage out well.
  16. ScottandDebbie

    Just Saying Hello and Update on the Boys.

    Oscar Fizbit It's been an interesting past few months. We thought we were going to lose our little Oscar several times. But after months of treatment and tons of TLC he is holding his own. The little guy is up in years, and has had several health issues. Sharp reduction in weight. Mites...
  17. ScottandDebbie

    Happy New Year Everyone.

    Hoping You Have a Wonderful 2007. From Our Furry Family Members to You and Your's. Fizbit.... 6.5 years old. Oscar..... Not real certain of Oscar's age. According to our vet, he is older than Fizbit.
  18. ScottandDebbie

    Veg*n Question for vegans

    I am a vegan *only* because the "no harm" aspect. If any animal or creature is harmed, in any way, so that I might wear a pair of leather shoes, or fill my belly, etc., as the results of their death. then I don't do it. Being a vegan is not a so-called religion with me. It's a lifestyle...
  19. ScottandDebbie

    Veg*n Iron for Vegetarians

    I can only speak for myself. I was ONLY trying to be helpful. And I am a nurse too. I did NOT view anything out of line in any of the postings. Members are smart enough to check out all information given. They KNOW we are not the *masters of nutrition*. The web is a great source for...
  20. ScottandDebbie

    Veg*n Iron for Vegetarians

    Great Information. Aren't we a *smart/ informed* group? Ditto on what jabberwock stated about variety. And the Molasses that homeschoolmama mentioned. Molasses was also recommended by one of our doctors. GULP... yes, you might want to stir it up in a batch of cookies. Might go down easier...