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  1. Beatrix187

    General My piggies wont eat their pellets

    How long has this been going on? It takes my pigs several days, or maybe even a week to get used to new pellets, but then after that they're squeaking as excitedly about it as they did the old one. If you keep giving it to them, they should eventually start to eat it.
  2. Beatrix187

    Canada recommendations for paper bedding

    I personally use carefresh natural with no issues, however I have heard good things about Oxbow's bedding line, although it is a bit more pricey. There is a sligiht smell with carefresh, but I haven't had a strong urine smell. I can see why you wouldn't purchase it though.
  3. Beatrix187

    Fighting Boars Fighting

    Re: All Living Things Cage - okay temporarily? You might also be able to order coroplast and storage cube grids and get them faster, if you wouldn't mind making it yourself.
  4. Beatrix187

    Injury Guinea pig broke his tooth and can’t eat: Cartier

    Yes it is extremely important that he eats as guinea pigs can lose weight very quickly and it si extremely hard for some to grain it back! It is a big relief he still eats his hay and drinks water, as those are the most important. However, you do need to syringe feed him a lot to make sure he...
  5. Beatrix187

    Teeth Eating troubles

    I am so sorry for your loss. May he fly free at the rainbow bridge <3
  6. Beatrix187

    New to guinea pigs! Suggestions welcome!!

    Welcome to the forum! For diet, I have a few suggestions! You probably know some of this stuff but this is just my advice :) The pellets you use MUST have vitamin C! And also, for adult guinea pigs, they should be TIMOTHY based, NOT alfalfa. Most pellets on the market are NOT GOOD FOR GUINEA...
  7. Beatrix187

    Help with names

    They are so cute! The gray one looks like she could be an Asher or maybe Chestnut? Idk why :) And maybe Carmelita for the other one? Some other ideas are Kiwi, Melon, Pepper, Fluff, Cotton, Meadow, Honey, Pepper, Caramel, and Luna :)
  8. Beatrix187

    Introductions Hello! New Guinea Pig owner here. Question about introducing NEUTERED male and female

    I think that a female and neutured male is a very ideal pair. Like angelfoxdesigns said, they rarely ever fight. Putting a male with another male can be a bit harder to keep tame, as males tend to fight more. Two females usually work out more consistently and are more likely to bond, like a male...
  9. Beatrix187

    Hay Oxbow vs. Small Pet Select

    I've personally not had good experience with SPS, as this one time it was super dusty and I thought I saw some tiny black bugs. Oxbow is always too coarse wtih not enough soft pieces or fuzzy bits, and can be kinda dusty for me. I have been using the All Living Things brand from Petsmart...
  10. Beatrix187

    Chat My Boy Rummblestruts

    My guinea pig, Carl, did it all the time to Domino - and Carl was 5 years younger! It all depends on their personalities!
  11. Beatrix187

    Chat Anyone Else get Annoyed...

    I think it is because if they are let loose, they could breed very quickly and use up all the resources the natural wildlife would use. Like an invasive species. Still, the idea of banning them all together is a little much I would think, but it does sound funny when you just say they illegal, haha.
  12. Beatrix187

    Injury Guinea Pig hit her head on the dresser after squirming out of my hands

    I agree with Bpatters, she's probably fine. Just keep an eye and her and see if she continues chattering or acting out of the ordinary. She may have just been excited to be back in a clean cage!
  13. Beatrix187

    Hello & wheek wheek

    Welcome to the forum!! We welcome you and Pip and Squeak! Do you have any pictures?
  14. Beatrix187

    Chat Anyone Else get Annoyed...

    Yes and also their cages are so different. Thankfully I knew someone who knew the difference because she said "guinea pigs can't go in the balls". Lol, but she also owned two young piggies.
  15. Beatrix187

    Chat Anyone Else get Annoyed...

    That's so interesting they are illegal! I have never heard of that, but I just googled it and it says it's because it could be a possible threat to wildlife if let loose?
  16. Beatrix187

    Chat Anyone Else get Annoyed...

    This literally happened to my sister two days ago! She was snapchatting her friends and they kept saying hamster, adn when she corrected them they said "there's no difference anyways" or something. Basically everyone except my close friends and family call them guinea pigs consistently, lol. I'm...
  17. Beatrix187

    Goodnight Domino, Love you forever <3

    You're in similar company. Pooper has been gone 3 years. Sly a year and a half, and Punkin only 3 months. Not a day goes by that I don't think of all of them in some capacity. And yes. I still shed tears over them. Most of us here feel the same way about our precious furballs. They truly...
  18. Beatrix187

    Goodnight Domino, Love you forever <3

    spy9doc New Years sounds awful, I’m so so sorry. I had a similar situation happen to me the day after I put domino to sleep: My mom bought cherry tomatoes and had placed them on the table for dinner, and my first instinct was to make sure to give Domino some, but then I burst out crying:sad: I...
  19. Beatrix187

    Goodnight Domino, Love you forever <3

    Hello everyone, thank you so much for the kind words. They really mean a lot to me.
  20. Beatrix187

    Goodnight Domino, Love you forever <3

    I also wanted to share this video, which the post wouldn't let me upload. It is him eating his 7th Birthday cake. It was this December, on the 13th. https://youtu.be/3RE-hPUA9JM