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  1. Zuidy

    Upper Levels Upper Level 1x2 Loft: Wood Pellet Maintenance

    Ah guys thanks! I'm next to positive that the ones that are in the house are dying off as I clean up the upper level of the cage, as just today after a full cleanup of the loft yesterday a majority of the flies have left. The entire cage (double layered fleece + uhaul pad liner) is cleaned...
  2. Zuidy

    Upper Levels Upper Level 1x2 Loft: Wood Pellet Maintenance

    Hello everyone! I have been gone for a looong time from the forums... cx Very glad to be back, even if it's just to ask a question. My Piggies (2 2 year old girlies) have a 2x4 C&C cage + a 1x2 upper loft. The upper loft is the main hay + veggie area. I'm not sure if anyone else has had this...
  3. Zuidy

    Sheesh. Uh, It's Been A While!

    Haha yes it's so nice to see so many replies. I remember everyone who remembers me. :) Kelsie yes I do hear about Lila and her new owner. The pigs are successfully together after she added a third to the trio and extended her C&C cage. :) Third piggies the charm, sometimes. :D PigPandemonium...
  4. Zuidy

    Behavior A Few Questions

    Hello all! As I said in previous posts, I just came back to the forums after having been away for a VERY long time. ;) But, I have few "refresher" questions that I need answered. 1: I have an Abby Piggy and an American Piggy. The American is outgoing and kind, but the Abby seems a lot more...
  5. Zuidy

    Sheesh. Uh, It's Been A While!

    Thanks @Abbie Lauren! And CinnamonAndCoco!
  6. Zuidy

    Behavior Happy piggie or not ?

    No no no. They are very happy! :D You'd be able to tell if they were unhappy, actually, being active is a great sign. And pigs love to do "zoomies" around their cages. :)
  7. Zuidy

    Sheesh. Uh, It's Been A While!

    Hey everyone! Not sure how many of you remember me. Or really care for that matter. XD But I'm Zuidy, and I used to be OBSESSED WITH THIS FORUM! I would stay on it 24/7. But since then I have learned much more about Guinea Pigs and haven't had to ask questions. So I just wanted to ask how...
  8. Zuidy

    General You Can't Be Lazy With Guinea Pigs......

    I feel kinda bad about this topic. Ever since school started, I feel as though I have let myself and my Guinea Pigs down. When Summer was just about done, I told myself and my Pigs I would not have any slip-ups as far as their care went, as far as grooming, cage cleaning, and floor/lap time...
  9. Zuidy

    Sick My dad is sick, can the pigs catch it?

    Sicknesses will only transfer in most cases from species-species interaction. Even then, between Guinea Pigs, all I can think about would be Mites or Fleas, really. Guinea Pigs can pass on fungal related illnesses to you though, and your dad can spread on his cold to you, so I would sanitize...
  10. Zuidy

    Blessing The Guinea Pigs!

    I FEEL SO STUPID. I missed the date! Gah! Oh well. We have next year. Yes it was for St. Francis of Assisi. :)
  11. Zuidy

    Nails/Nail Trimming Nails Not Growing As Fast As Before?

    Thanks for your reply! I think I will be clipping them soon. Not all of the nails will need it, but it's better them be short than a bit long.
  12. Zuidy

    Nails/Nail Trimming Nails Not Growing As Fast As Before?

    Hello everyone! I have a quick question. Starting back in December around when I got my Pigs, I trimmed their nails when they got too long. Then I began reading to do it every month. OK, fair enough. So I clipped them in May, and then in June (June is the last time I have done it). But since...
  13. Zuidy

    Blessing The Guinea Pigs!

    Hello everyone! I haven't posted a thread in a while, so I thought why not start again? I was curious as to if anyone out there has ever had their Guinea Pigs blessed in a church or similar? My Catholic parish is offering blessings for all pets, small animals included. I have a few Q's about...
  14. Zuidy

    Joy What kind of piggie is this strange animal?!?

    Kelly9 I see you have one of those "Snak-Shack" log hidey houses for your Pigs. Take it out. They aren't good for the Guinea Pigs. It is right near your son's right hand in that picture. Cute! Thanks for the share!
  15. Zuidy

    Sick Is my guinea pig sick or am I just over reacting?

    Good that your Mom brought her to the Vets. :) I would just keep a close eye on her for any changes in behavior/personality and keep weighing her weekly. If anything changes, head right back to the vet ASAP. Good luck! ;)
  16. Zuidy

    Wheezing Guinea Pig around a lot of pot?

    Under the circumstances you got him from, regardless of how the pig looks or sounds, I would get the Pig to a vet for a New-Piggy checkup. :) Added the fact that you got him from a Medical Marijuana establishment, even more-so than before. ;)
  17. Zuidy

    Glitch's medical thread

    Re: Help! Pink colored Urine!??? CCrayon Thanks so much for keeping us posted. You are one of the few people that are able to take the advice and help themselves to it on these forums. :) Kudos to you! :D
  18. Zuidy

    Cage Midwest Guinea Habitat Plus Guinea Pig Cgae

    Couldn't you make a 2x4 C&C cage? It would save you some cash I bet. ;)
  19. Zuidy

    Glitch's medical thread

    Re: Help! Scrap the pink urine, theres definitively blood everywhere! Please get this Pig into an emergency vet ASAP. In most cases you can find a small-animal-friendly location within an hour or so of you. Good luck! Keep us posted!
  20. Zuidy

    How Much? Red leaf and a baby carrot enough?

    Fern_sweets I wasn't chewing her out. I told her that they needed more than 2 Veggies and asked her why she couldn't give them more. __ Guinea Pigs can have 1 baby carrot a day, and 1 grape tomato a day. No more. My girl's diet consists of the following daily: 1/4 Yellow Bell Pepper...