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  1. 2boys_mom

    Medications No interest in pellets or hay after starting Baytril

    Recently, Hoshi's urine was very dark and his breathing sounded like "hooting", so I took him to his doctor, who suspected UTI and prescribed Baytril. He did x-rays to check for bladder stones (none, fortunately!) but I did not let him do urine analysis (almost $400 for the examination, w/out...
  2. 2boys_mom

    Hello fellow piggy parents!

    I welcomed two piggies into my life a year and a half ago. Hoshi is an Abyssinian tan and white mellow guy, and Mochi is a skittish white Peruvian boy. They shared a home for the first two months, but soon they began to fight, so now they are "neighbors". They are not exactly the most...