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  1. brazil

    Canada Looking for Female Peruvian in Ontario

    Hi there, I know it is a decent drive but I live in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, and have a bonded pair of beautiful girls that I am trying to find a home for. So if you would be interested let me know!
  2. brazil

    Comment by 'brazil' in media 'Coroplast hay rack for 3'

    i made this hay rack.... fantastic idea! I was just wondering, however, if instead of the baskets I could use the plastic mats that go under your dish racks... there are some at the dollar store... but I wasn't sure if they would be safe for the piggers to chew on.
  3. brazil

    2 lovely ladies need a home

    I am looking for someone to take on 2 female piggies in the Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada area. Orignially, I had what I thought were 2 girls. I found out one day that Hailey was a boy when Lucy had 3 babies. It was a completely accidental pregnancy. I did not realize she was pregnant...
  4. brazil

    Comment by 'brazil' in media 'New c&c cage'

    she is terrified of them actually! whenever they run in her direction she runs away haha!
  5. brazil

    Comment by 'brazil' in media 'Sizzles'

    he looks like my chester!
  6. brazil

    Reference Coroplast hay rack instructions

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I am sure my 4 boys will love it and I know that I will definitely love it. It will help so much with the cleaning!
  7. brazil

    Comment by 'brazil' in media 'New Cage'

    haha no actually just have a kitty... who is terrified of them but JUST in case!
  8. brazil

    Bonding Problems Bonding my 4 males

    Thanks for your response! Just to clear up though, my cage is a 4 x 4... so they have plenty of room. According to the homepage here it says that the minimum is 2x6, which would equal out right? As for separating one of the babies, they are only about 3 months old, but have never been...
  9. brazil

    Bonding Problems Bonding my 4 males

    So at first things seemed to be going well between the 4 of them. I was a little concerned at how it would all go about since Chester is the only one not related to the others. Harley is the father of Larry and Chuck, and I got chester from my boyfriend's mom since she didn't take good care of...
  10. brazil

    Comment by 'brazil' in media 'Home made cage for two guinea pigs.'

    Fleece would probably be easiest to find if you are having trouble finding materials. Just make sure it is anti-pill- go to the bedding section on here and find out all the details about fleece... it really works well!
  11. brazil

    Comment by 'brazil' in media 'My Redorated Cage'

    I love this. I think I might steal your ideas! I hope you wouldn't mind!
  12. brazil

    Comment by 'brazil' in media 'Piggies' New Cage!'

    Thanks! I love them too! One is actually much larger than the other... possibly too large, but I am thinking of adding a cozy inside to make it a bit comfier!
  13. brazil

    Comment by 'brazil' in media 'New c&c cage'

    If I am not mistaken, it stands for Cubes and Coroplast, which are the materials used to build these cages!
  14. brazil

    Comment by 'brazil' in media 'New Cage'

    I really like the bridge, how did you make it?
  15. IMG_33561


  16. Larry


    He was camouflaged so well it took me awhile to find him!
  17. brazil

    Comment by 'brazil' in media 'New bunkbed in basement bedroom'

    Wow I love the legs! Way too cute!
  18. brazil

    Getting Along This is ridiculous.

    OH and I do not agree with buying from pet stores either AT ALL.
  19. brazil

    Getting Along This is ridiculous.

    I agree in a way with some parts of this. Only because I find that sometimes members are very harsh towards others when, in my mind, the person may have just worded their question the wrong way. When this happens, about 50 members freak out on them before they even have the chance to explain...
  20. brazil

    Comment by 'brazil' in media 'The boys enjoying their hay!'

    Oops I lied! That is Larry in the far back, not Chuck!