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  1. SulcataGirl

    General What is your piggies names?

    My two abys are named Quasimodo and Pheobus (:
  2. SulcataGirl

    Cleaning POLL: Do you like cleaning your piggies' cage?

    Does anyone actually enjoy cleaning the cage? I hate it. I sweep poopies and hay off the fleece about every three days. Two if I am having a good day. My boys poop SO much, sometimes I wonder if I'm feeding too much. It hurts my back to bend over the cage like that for the 5 minutes it takes to...
  3. Enjoying the sun!

    Enjoying the sun!

    Quasi and Pheobus enjoyed some time outside the other day. They decided they needed this paper bag, so I let them have it c:
  4. SulcataGirl

    Treats What Type of Pumpkin is OK?

    Hello! (: I went to a far stand today to pick up some peaches and apples, and they had little miniature pumpkins for $.69 each. I bought two thinking the boys could have their own jack-o-lantern. I had planned to draw a a face on them in sharpie, but then my roommate asked if they can eat...
  5. SulcataGirl

    Fleece Buying Fleece at Target- What's the Best?

    http://www.target.com/p/coleman-reg-fleece-blanket/-/A-14358970#prodSlot=medium_1_3&term=fleece+blankets or this one?!?!
  6. SulcataGirl

    Fleece Buying Fleece at Target- What's the Best?

    So, My roommate had pieces of fleece, and she made me a fleece liner. It's pretty awesome :) however, I'd like to have two or three so once a week I can switch out the dirty one, rinse it, and replace it with a clean one. This way I don't have to take it to the laundromat right away, or go more...
  7. First C&C Cage c:

    First C&C Cage c:

    So, after months of Quasi and Oogie (now re-name Pheobus) in a tiny 1x3 with icky bedding that rarely got changed, they now live in a 2x4 with blue tie-dye fleece!!! I am so happy for them. I sweep their poopies once a day and they have all the hay and veggies they want! I feel like a better mom no
  8. SulcataGirl

    Size We Lost the Measuring tape & I Need Measurements!

    I jus need to know the measurements of the cage because currently I don't have a measuring tape. It's like homework. I do this part, mom does the other part.
  9. SulcataGirl

    Size We Lost the Measuring tape & I Need Measurements!

    So, we seem to have misplaced the measuring tape and I need to get measurements for a fleece liner (mom said she'll give me some fleece to choose from tonight and we can make as many liners I want). So, since measuring isn't gonna happen, does anyone know the measurements for a fleece liner in a...
  10. SulcataGirl

    Hay Bad hay: send it back or just use it?

    We went without hay for about week because our check didn't come when it was supposed to and we had JUS ran out that day ( this was before we discovered the feed store with barrels of hay :D). We cut them some grass from the yard and gave them extra spinach during the week. There poop was a...
  11. SulcataGirl

    Stands wanna make a stand

    Does anyone know how many grids it'll take to make a stand for a 2x4 C&C? I hate the cage being on the ground because it makes me resentful when it's time for cleaning, especially since I'm using Carefresh bedding -.- If I dissemble the shelf/storage unit I made, I'll have 13 grids for a stand...
  12. SulcataGirl

    Comment by 'SulcataGirl' in media 'Stand 1'

    how many grids total?
  13. SulcataGirl

    Keeping Cool Idea for Cozies

    So, I've recently moved to a city where it is literally 90 degrees everyday during the summer, and late into the fall. I bought ice packs and I stick them in the cage once a day in the evening buy there favorite places, but it doesn't seem to help a ton. So, I had this idea: What if we made...
  14. SulcataGirl

    Behavior Licks and Nibbles

    Little Quasi likes to lick and nibble on me sometimes. The first night I had him he slept on the couch with me, and I woke up to him licking my face like a dog! Do other piggies do this? I'm jus curious because it is so darn cute :)
  15. SulcataGirl

    Vet Moving and I Need a Vet!

    but are they cavy savvy? I guess I can find that out myself haha. Thanks (:
  16. SulcataGirl

    Vet Moving and I Need a Vet!

    I'm moving to Yakima area in August, and I plan to adopt more piggies to live with my current two, but I want to be prepared with a vet close. The guineapigzone's vet search said there's none in Yakima, or Kennewick. That's a little off putting. Anyone care to help me find a vet?
  17. SulcataGirl

    Fruit Fruuuuitt (:

    thanks! (:
  18. SulcataGirl

    Fruit Fruuuuitt (:

    Mother bought some watermelon :) can I share some with my piggies?
  19. SulcataGirl

    New person...

    Welcome!~ :) this is a really great place to be. So much support and advice, and of course other cute piggies. Hope you like it!
  20. SulcataGirl

    Forages Let's talk about grass! (Even if that sounds wrong, now that I've typed it out)

    I think you have the most adorable pigs ever :) as for the grass question, I'm not sure. My pigs get about two days a week of grass time and they seem fine. Poop is same color and they are jus so happy (: