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  1. fourbwabbys

    Trixie's Gone

    I haven't been on in a while, but thought I should let the people who remember me know that my Trixter Martin died this morning. He would have been 4 next month. We went down to feed him this morning and my mom told me the news. It's been really difficult for me, he's one of my original two...
  2. fourbwabbys

    Happy Birthday fourbwabbys!

    Thanks!!! I've been very busy, but found some time to spend on the computer. I've had a great day so far. :)
  3. fourbwabbys

    My weekend....(bummed)

    If they're older pigs, it may just be a turn of events. Two of my boars lived together peacefully for 3 years, then one day they started fighting horrendously. They are permanently seperated now after numerous failed attempts to re-introduce them. I still don't know why.
  4. fourbwabbys


    Oh how did I miss this? I'm so sorry Laura, he lived a long, great life.
  5. fourbwabbys

    Gobi died

    I'm so sorry Teria. He was a gorgeous little guy. RIP little Gobi
  6. fourbwabbys

    Goodbye Gordie the Budgie.

    I'm so sorry. One of my budgies past away last September and I was heartbroken. They really do capture your heart.
  7. fourbwabbys

    I've got a new kitten!

    Oooh congrats! He reminds me of my favorite kitty at the shelter, Parker.
  8. fourbwabbys


    Haha. Believe me, I've seen a guy get his nose pierced by a moody eclectus.
  9. fourbwabbys

    New owner

    Sorry to jump into this late here: At this point, only Petco is banned from selling any birds larger than a conure. (Although they do get around it by selling smaller amazons because they are about equivalent in length to a Patagonian Conure). PetSmart is still being pushed to do the same...
  10. fourbwabbys

    What's this??

    It sounds like it may be a spur?
  11. fourbwabbys

    Newest Rescue Pig @ Kayla's Cavy Rescue! Thread Dedicated to CavySpirit.

    She is adorable! Can you get her in earlier than Monday? If the leg is indeed broken, she will be in extreme pain.
  12. fourbwabbys


    He needs to be seperated no later than 21 days. I'm about 40 minutes from freehold, I can let you know some good exotic vets and rescues in the area.
  13. fourbwabbys

    Want to adopt...Can I?

    Have you checked craigslist: san francisco bay area classifieds for jobs, apartments, personals, for sale, services, community, and events yet? You can even place a 'wanted' ad which will get you more replies.
  14. fourbwabbys

    Canine Lymphosarcoma

    Oh PM, I am so sorry. You two fought a tough battle, I'm sure he couldn't have asked for a better life in his last years. It's obvious just how much Jasper is loved, I'm sure he knows that. RIP Jasper
  15. fourbwabbys

    What is Rescuing and Adopting

    Actually, birds are HIGHLY overpopulated. Parrots are bought for their look or 'just because they talk' and when people realise they are messy, loud, demanding animals that can outlive them, they end up in shelters. Take a look at any petfinder, you'll see plucked birds that had such bad luck...
  16. fourbwabbys

    Guinea Pig Magazine

    Yep, that's the one that I have, too.
  17. fourbwabbys

    Guinea Pig Magazine

    I have one of the older issues. I think that was the one they quoted T and Lynx in.
  18. fourbwabbys

    Ugly Saturday: Talk to Friends & Kids

    What a sad story. It's a shame that too many people have to learn the hard way.
  19. fourbwabbys


    Best of luck to you and your little girl. My Trixie has been battling bumblefoot for a while now. He does great with the soakings, wrappings and antibiotics when it flares up. Once it gets under control and only flares up every so often, they are just fine. Good luck with your little girl. :)
  20. fourbwabbys

    Babies are here!!!

    So cute! Looks like you've got a bowl junkie! Oreo spent the majority of his time sleeping in the food bowl as well. lol