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  1. mamaduck71

    Wood Pellets/Chips 3 full weeks of wood pellets

    No, I would not use those. I use these for horse stalls. http://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/equine-fresh-pine-pellet-stall-bedding-40-lb?cm_vc=IOPDP1
  2. mamaduck71

    Wood Pellets/Chips Table support for cage with wood pellets?

    I have a 2x3 panel cage with up to 80 # of wood pellets. I have that on a one of those folding tables that you get a walmart. The table is a tad small so I have 2 peices of scrap plywood between the table and cage. Works fine for me.
  3. mamaduck71

    Wood Pellets/Chips When to replace pellets?

    My last change was 11.21.2015, I am holding off changing it. It's getting to the point where the fleece stays wet more often then dry. However I have been sifting out the dust to extend the life of this round of pellets. I have to move the cage and trying to hold off as long as possible, hence...
  4. mamaduck71

    Behavior Wheeking for Attention?

    Plastic crinkly bag = pavlov dog!
  5. mamaduck71

    Frustrated Does guinea pig really need timothy hay?

    I give a good mix to my pigs. Timothy Hay Orchard Hay and Oxbox has a botanical hay. Kind of pricey, but I use it as a treat. Very aromatic and the pigs love it. http://www.oxbowanimalhealth.com/products/type/detail?object=1599
  6. mamaduck71

    Hay What Do You Use to Feed Hay?

    I have hay ninjas too. Mine will eat, sleep, run, pee/poop in it. Kinda like in the wild.
  7. mamaduck71

    Wood Pellets/Chips 3 full weeks of wood pellets

    I normally did a full wood pellet change, however I purchased a long hand kitty litter scoop from Walmart and let me tell you something, it's working pretty darn good. When I change out the fleece, about 3-5 days, I will only scoop the 'pee piles', shake the scoop over a garbage can, and throw...
  8. mamaduck71

    Wood Pellets/Chips Big Heat brand wood pellets?

    It should be good. Just make sure there is not excelerant (fuel) added to the wood. Mine will nibble on one ever once in a while. However I give them cardboard toilet paper tubes to chew on.
  9. mamaduck71

    Wood Pellets/Chips 3 full weeks of wood pellets

    Pellets absorb the urine and controls the odor. The fleece is what gets the urine away from your pigs to the pellets. If you put uhaul between the two, the uhaul pads will stop the urine from getting to the pellet and will get stinky fast. Your pigs will be fine walking in the fleece. It's not...
  10. mamaduck71

    Fleece Can you vaccum fleece that's on wood pellets?

    Ball up some fleece in the corner for them to burrow in, and maybe they wont with your cage fleece liner.
  11. mamaduck71

    Wood Pellets/Chips New wood pellet convert -- what a difference

    I don't vacuum at all. It does not bother me that cage has hay all over, they are pigs after all. I do a daily spot clean (sometimes more) of the poop. I pick up with my hand. (your hands are you 2 best tools) I will pick up the corners of the fleece, shake it all into the center and they by...
  12. mamaduck71

    Wood Pellets/Chips New wood pellet convert -- what a difference

    When I visit chicago I cannot find a TSC either. Are you near a Blain's Farm and fleet. They have horse stall pellets in a white bag.
  13. mamaduck71

    Wood Pellets/Chips 3 full weeks of wood pellets

    Are you asking Does "The urine-soaked pellets don't breed harmful bacteria when used as @cavyguy demonstrated?" Or are you Telling us.
  14. mamaduck71

    Wood Pellets/Chips 3 full weeks of wood pellets

    I think the pellets give the pigs a slightly harder surface to walk on vs uhaul, fleece flippers..so on. They will get used to it. Once the urine is in the pellet, the pellets flatten out and become even more of a flat surface. My pigs always popcorn when I change out there fleece. Wood is Good!
  15. mamaduck71

    Wood Pellets/Chips 3 full weeks of wood pellets

    My pigs rarely do zoomies but when they do, it's not an issue. Huts/foodbowl, water brick holds it in place. The fleece kind of sticks to the pellets, so it does not really move easily. Do they go underneath? No, they dont, cuz after some time the fleece flattens out even more flatter. If...
  16. mamaduck71

    Fleece Advice: Changing to Fleece

    I have 2 female pigs and I have 3 months. I really depends on cage size, how many pigs, how many pounds so pellets you use. The more you put in the longer it lasted. I have done 1 40 pound bag as well as 2 40 (80 pounds total) bags. That is what I am currently on. Last change was Nov 21. 2015...
  17. mamaduck71

    Fleece Advice: Changing to Fleece

    https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/107419-3-full-weeks-of-wood-pellets?highlight=cavyguy Video on wood pellets under fleece.
  18. mamaduck71

    Fleece Advice: Changing to Fleece

    Wood pellets. http://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/equine-fresh-pine-pellet-stall-bedding-40-lb?cm_vc=-10005
  19. mamaduck71

    Cage Wood Pellets "Wheekly" Update

    Those are the same pellets I use. I have used 2 others and did not care for them. They were more $$ too, go figure. Cheaper was better in this case. I have experimenting with different sized sifters/scooper. I would like to be able to sift out the good pellets from the sawdust pellets. I would...
  20. mamaduck71

    Cage Wood Pellets "Wheekly" Update

    There really is no straight answer to your question however here is my response: Full wood pellet change out, which includes taking out all pellets, wiping down the corroplast, adding 60 pounds brand new fresh pellets ($6.00 for 40 pound bag): about every 2 months/8 weeks I take out all...