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  1. jilovecavies

    2 sweet Males/Boars in Northern VA

    We are looking for a new home because our owners are moving and can't give us the attention and love we deserve. We're very sweet (and odd) guinea pigs who love to be held and will wheek for treats and our daily veggies! There are two of us, and we want to be kept together because we've been...
  2. jilovecavies

    Boys are seeing a vet tommorow and I'm so upset.

    Well, first of all, I'm glad you're taking responsibility for the pigs. Many people wouldn't think twice about "inconveniencing their lives." I'm so happy these two guys are in a good home! It sounds like they need to go to the vet, so I'm glad you're taking them. Don't worry, we'll find out...
  3. jilovecavies

    help piggys ear

    Like the others stated, see a vet ASAP. One of my boys has what you were describing and they're testing it for ringworm right now (although it doesn't look like it). I thought it was a fungus, but the vet thinks it's more likely that it was a wound and the white crusty stuff is just a scab, but...
  4. jilovecavies

    Oh My God

    Oh, Ortal, I am so so very sorry...my piggies are sending you some loving wheeks, and I'm sending you a hug. :hug:
  5. jilovecavies

    Small footprint 3 story 2x4 grid floorspace.

    My fiance and I were in the same situation as you are-a 700 square foot apartment with the two of us already there. We did some furniture rearranging and calculations and found a way to fit our boys' 2x4...and recently upgraded to a 3x4! The piggies really do need more than 1 grid width to run...
  6. jilovecavies

    My Essay.. halfway done.

    Looks good, wicked. Trekkie, thank you for those great suggestions-I had the same exact thoughts, but I'm a stickler for grammar. Good luck, wicked...I'd edit it a wee bit if I had time but I have to do that whole "grown-up" "work" thing...blah. :p
  7. jilovecavies

    Cancer? :(

    I'm so sorry. :( I don't have any experience with this, but I would definitely recommend going to guinea lynx's forums and posting this there. We're here for you and Wilbur.
  8. jilovecavies

    Question on washing fleece

    Nope, you don't need to do that. Just make sure you wash it in hot water (breaks it down faster than cold) and you can use vinegar because it doesn't leave any residue on the fleece like some detergents will.
  9. jilovecavies

    Awsome News!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am SO thrilled for you. I can't wait to see some pictures of the sonogram and whatnot. That is so awesome. You'll be a great mommy!
  10. jilovecavies

    My veggie plan -- comments please!

    Just keep trying the green pepper. I understand-some veggies are SO expensive. I haven't figured out how I justify spending as much money on food for my pigs as for myself...lol. Anyhow, you can also store corn husks through the winter. They will lose some of their nutritional value, but that...
  11. jilovecavies

    Broken Tooth

    Hey Chris! Welcome. :) Piggies can chip their teeth for many reasons. You should probably take him to a exotics vet that has experience with piggies so they can cut their teeth so they're able to chew. If they aren't, you'll need to handfeed him, but that doesn't seem to be a problem. The...
  12. jilovecavies

    Fat Pigs

    I love all your guys' pigtures! They're all so adorable. I think the "Wide Load!" and "Big is Beautiful" pics are hilarious. Thanks for the smiles, guys.
  13. jilovecavies

    Start To My Boys' New Life!

    You should photoshop something in that pigture of Tutter so it looks like he's looking at something funny. lol Thanks for the extra pics! I'm not sure why some of them were deleted, though...I'm sorry. Hopefully you'll find out.
  14. jilovecavies

    Another Question on Mattress Pad Again

    Not in my opinion. The mattress pad has more layers, which is much better for absorption than a single layer of a towel. I prefer cotton mattress pads for the pigs because they absorb better, but you can experiment for yourself if you'd like. Mattress pads are cheaper, easier to deal with, and...
  15. jilovecavies

    How to make my piggy go up the ramp?

    It's possible that the ramp is too steep. Some pics would definitely help!
  16. jilovecavies

    C & C cages

    fyi, grids are on sale for $12/box at Target! :D
  17. jilovecavies

    My veggie plan -- comments please!

    Looks good to me! One thing I would suggest is trying red pepper once every other day or so. Yellow/Orange pepper is worth a shot, as well. And just make sure the fruit and apple portions aren't large. I'm glad you're taking such great care of your baby, (s)he'd love a buddy, though!
  18. jilovecavies

    Adopt another male? Need some advice

    Ok, first of all, I am SO happy that you are doing the best you can in this situation. Most people wouldn't think twice about researching the needs of a piggie. Thank you so much for taking responsibility for this lil' guy. :) Anyway, like others have stated, I think it's a good idea, just make...
  19. jilovecavies

    What kind of noise is this?

    This may sound odd, but my Wilson makes that noise when he's happy sometimes...but sometimes, when I get too close to his butt, he'll make that noise and move quickly. Nothing to be too concerned about! And he's definitely not biting, he's just saying hello...and trying to find food.
  20. jilovecavies

    Start To My Boys' New Life!

    Yay, that's such great news. I know you've been working on this setup, and it looks just fabulous. Thanks for the pigtures, they're adorable!