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  1. Tulia&Susie

    2-Toned coats [pigtures]

    She's very cute. Like the pictures.
  2. Tulia&Susie

    Ready to get my first new piggie in 38 years!

    Hey there and welcome. How exciting having another piggie around. But ya the question was answered and I hope that you have a fun time with them.
  3. Tulia&Susie

    Happy almost Valentine's Day!!!

    Haha I'm boycotting Valentine's Day. Well not really but Valentine's Day depresses me sometimes. You need someone for that day. Lol, well maybe one day. I do enjoy it though fun day for everyone usually.
  4. Tulia&Susie

    Buttercup RIP

    Buttercup passed away about a week ago. It was so hard. We found her one night and we new something was wrong. We held her and attempted to feed her some water but...we knew that she was passing. It was just shortly after when she passed away. She was a great little girl and we weren't...
  5. Tulia&Susie

    ...must trim nails. HELP!

    Re: spaztic piggy...must trim nails. HELP! Ya, defiantely have someone else hold the pig then you can clip. Also as a distraction have his or her favorite piece of veggie so they won;'t be so concerned bout the clipping. Goodluck.
  6. Tulia&Susie

    I have many questions.

    Younger boar would defiantely work. Also before you add another make sure to add one more grid size so you have a 2x4. Then they will have plenty of room to play around in. :)
  7. Tulia&Susie

    They don't popcorn :(

    Some of my pigs never really popcorned. The babies did once in awhile but they grew out of it. Once in awhile if they get excited I'll see a little popcorning though.
  8. Tulia&Susie

    Meet my new cutie!

    What a cute little one she is indeed. I love the name Snickerdoodle also. Very cute.
  9. Tulia&Susie

    preggers or just fat?

    Well everyone pretty much got this one so bascially what everyone has already stated. She is very pretty though nice colorings.
  10. Tulia&Susie

    Stubborn Piggies dont like their veggies!

    Mine love the romaine, carrots, and the peppers. But I also give them a little bit but I would just keep trying with different kinds. I'm sure they will come around.
  11. Tulia&Susie

    Nail clipping

    I would for the first time have two people. One hold the piggies securly(of couse not to tight) and then the olther clip away. They may squirm a little bit so maybe after each one take a little break and give them a little piece of romaine or something they like.
  12. Tulia&Susie

    I just got to hold a 4 week old baby potbelly pig!!!

    Ain't she just adorable. Very cute.
  13. Tulia&Susie

    Over weight piggys?

    Just sounds like nice, plump little piggies to me. :) They sound healthy. With wide variety of veggies, hay, and excercise I'm sure they are just a normal size.
  14. Tulia&Susie

    New Pig!

    How cute is that. He is adorable. I have a piggy with red eyes and personally she is so cute and I love her bunches. I guess the red eyes don't bother me so much. Congrats on the new addition.
  15. Tulia&Susie

    Santa and the pigs

    Oh my goodness how cute is that. That would be so great.
  16. Tulia&Susie

    Favorite Holiday Songs??

    I really like the song Feliz Navidad and...umm Oh the Christmas Shoes ones. It was so sad but a really good song.
  17. Tulia&Susie

    So has anyone got any snow yet?

    We are actually in the middle of a snowsotrm right now. It's supposed to go through all day and some of tomorrow morning. Were supposed to be getting like 10-20 inches on top of what we already have. Snow Snow Snow!!!
  18. Tulia&Susie

    So has anyone got any snow yet?

    Well we finally got the snow. We got about five inches of snow!! It's crazy. It has been snowing all day long and is still a little bit. I guess it is supposed to lead into the middle of tomorrow. There will possibly also be some rain which will make the roads horrible. Ya but now we have...
  19. Tulia&Susie

    Help piggy fell

    I really hope everything goes well for him. Hopefully he will recover quickly.
  20. Tulia&Susie

    I'm back!

    Hey welcome back! And I too love the picture where AJ is just looking up at you. How cute is that. But I love your new boar too. Very handsome.