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  1. Maj C Prado

    Coroplast You want me to pay HOW MUCH?!

    I got a quote of $800 WITHOUT shipping,I sort of died at that moment!!! :O
  2. Maj C Prado

    Pellets How can you tell a high quality pellet?

    Noooooo!!! Well Kaytee Forti-Diet has WAY TO MUCH Alfalfa, which is horrible for pigs over 6 months. It DEFINETLY does not depend on price. 1.) First no little artificial colorful bits of nuts and seeds 2.)The first and largest ingredient should be hay, Specifically Timothy Hay :) 3.)Make sure...
  3. Maj C Prado

    General Price of Owning A Guinea Pig

    Wow, I seem stingy compared to these amounts O.O I have 6 pigs 6 girlie pigs :) <3 Well first of Veggies: I get FREE Veggies from an Organic Food Store :D PERFECT Well Now Pellet Food: Sweet Meadows 50 lbs. for about $54 LOL Now Local Hay:I get LOCAL hay 10 cents per pound but I get a discount...
  4. Maj C Prado

    Photos I got a Skinny pig!!!

    Oh My Piggies!!!! She just has to be the cutest sweetest looking Hair-Less Piggie I have ever seen before!!!!! I LOVE her eyes they are SO Sweet and innocent looking and adorable:) I wish I could find a rescue near me with some Skinny Pigs :)
  5. Maj C Prado

    I knew I owned guinea pigs when......

    You know you are a piggy owner when..... It is one of the only topics I am able to talk about!!!! -When a poo falls out my sweater in the middle of Class -When a friend says I smell like a pet-store - When I spend more time looking for house Items to turn into a pig toy -When I decide to get up...
  6. Maj C Prado

    No Guinea Pig Cages in a Child's Room???

    I am sorry to cause quite a bit of emotions. Well I have decided just to move my pigs up in the Play-Room Loft.I just want to answer a couple of questions. 1. My Mom feeds and does plenty of things for my pigs and clips their nails give baths/showers, floor-time in the living room. 2. My parents...
  7. Maj C Prado

    How Many? Is my Cage Large Enough????

    Thanks So Much!!!! I am getting more grids and a small piece of coroplast for the cage for a 3x7, I may go for a 3x8 if it doesn't block the closet door from opening
  8. Maj C Prado

    No Guinea Pig Cages in a Child's Room???

    Yea :/ I actually am the one that performs all of the work for the piggies besides the yearly Vet-Bills :/ I make sure to give all of my Fur-Kids the Love and Attention they need and Deserve!!! It has been said I am mature for my age :) ~Thank You :3
  9. Maj C Prado

    No Guinea Pig Cages in a Child's Room???

    Awww!!!! Thank You So Much, I try as hard as I can to be a "Perfect" Piggie Owner, since standards are so High *Now-a-Days* XD Thank You for the Input
  10. Maj C Prado

    How Many? Is my Cage Large Enough????

    Hi! This is Majesty and I need a bit of help :/ So after adopting my piggie Marshmallow, I was plagued that she was pregnant and 4 days ago, while I was taking a nap, Marshmallow gave birth to 3 babies 1 boy and 2 girls!!!! I LOVE them and my parents have allowed me to keep them!!! So I am...
  11. Maj C Prado

    No Guinea Pig Cages in a Child's Room???

    Hi! I am Majesty I am 13 and I currently have 8 Guinea Pigs, a 3x6 and 5x5 w/ 2x3 Kitchen Area. So I regularly go on Guinea-Lynx and Plenty of Forums :) So I was browsing and I found this- http://www.cavyspirit.com/nocagesinbedroom.htm So I am not trying to start anything but I have 1 cage for...
  12. Maj C Prado

    Pet Stores I sorry but I DISAGREE with most people on this site.

    No one hates Pet Store pigs, just as many people before me have said, but We are appalled at the people who own and run them, it seems heartless to me :/ But I just have to say, a 12 year old {ME} Even knows not to bring up this topic, just to watch this full on Guinea Pig Online war go on...
  13. Maj C Prado

    OMG Oreo is giving birth right now!!!

    Re: Oreos babies 3 days old OMG!!!!!!! They are beautiful, my baby girl Marshmallow gave birth too!!!!!! Her pups are 4 days old now :) LOVE, Mine had 2 girls and 1 boy!!! So that makes 8 pigs, 6 girls+2 boys=8 AMAZING FLUFF BALLS!!!!!
  14. Maj C Prado

    Bonding I Cant lose this Deal

    I would say,reward them with a lot of treats!!!! Especially some veggies :)
  15. Maj C Prado

    Pregnancy My very pregnant Oreo

    My piggies are very Nippy with my pregnant guinea pigs Marshmallow, lots of fur nipping and just other small bites, But it is pretty common with pregnant guinea pigs!!!! <3
  16. Maj C Prado

    Behavior What do your piggies do all day?

    Yup, Sounds Like a Guinea Pig Normality!!!! When I take out the Igloos' {TOTALLY DIFFERENT STORY}....... they seem to go INSANE!!!!!! They start to Fleece dig and hide under toys too!!!! But sounds All Normal <3
  17. Maj C Prado

    Animal Rights Irresponsible Rescue?

    Well I live in California also, there are A LOT of animals that need homes out here and TONS of irresponsible rescues and people. I just have to say that it is pretty bad NO ONE seems to be backing you up with any help, just call a local Humane Society, in Southern California they will MOST...
  18. Maj C Prado

    Pellets Oxbow

    I also noticed "Poo Monsters" I have 4 girls in a 3x7 C&C Cage, I need to Spot Clean the Fleece Twice a day while I clean the fleece each weekend. But Oxbow is an Amazing food Brand. Pigs that are Nursing,Pregnant, or MAY be Pregnant and UNDER 6 months of age need Alffalfa Based Pellet Foods...
  19. Maj C Prado

    Would You/Have You Adopted an Albino Pig?

    Big Grass Hopper Flew into my hair one............. Eeeek, "{Got Back at it by my turtle}'' Heheheheheeee I LOVE Skinnys' and Albino's anything that needs a home, I try to provide, adopting a 14 year old Pit Bull Mix w/ Cancer, Large Headed Chiauhua w/ dislocated leg, PEW Pig, and other pets w/...
  20. Maj C Prado

    Flags Is this Legal?: Trading baby king snake for 2 guinea pigs!

    Well it isn't illegal in California, there arn't many laws protecting animals from breeders hear in So California :/