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  1. Myspoiltpiggies

    Sexing Second guessing...boy or girl??

    That is female.
  2. Myspoiltpiggies

    UK Mice!

    Yes I keep hay, readigrass and dry food in there (actually, my dad keeps the chicken's dry feed in there too). I buy in bulk and don't really wanna keep all their stuff in my room as it takes too much space in my small room. We were catching them on a daily basis but it has been about 2 weeks...
  3. Myspoiltpiggies

    UK Mice!

    We released them at least 1km away from our home, and nowhere near other homes. It is annoying that they're in the shed as in the summer my guinea pigs sometimes go in the shed (the cages in the shed are 2x6 but their main cages are 2x4).
  4. Myspoiltpiggies

    UK Mice!

    Today we've caught our 14th mouse. They've invaded the shed! We've been using these traps with peanut butter or chocolate biscuit inside http://www.feedem.co.uk/vermin-control-286/stv-big-cheese-live-7731-5339_zoom.jpg So if anyone has a mouse problem I recommend these traps!
  5. Myspoiltpiggies

    Pet Stores If you were offered a Job at a Petshop..

    Yes I would. If I didn't someone else would get the job anyway and you never know what that person will be like, at least the animals' stay in the petshop will be made as comfortable as possible with me looking after them. :) I would even look after animals in a laboratory.. this may sound...
  6. Myspoiltpiggies

    Reference Other: Easy to Find Cozy!!!!

    Good idea. I wouldn't do what I did again and buy Cuddle cups and special made cozies because my piggies just ended up chewing them! I feel like I might aswell have just bought some cheap alternative, like this! :sarcastic
  7. Myspoiltpiggies

    Animal Welfare A Horrible Case of Pig Abuse

    I am really disturbed by that. Especially at the pin pricking, bathing in scolding water and going to the toilet on the guinea pig.
  8. Myspoiltpiggies

    Frustrated Mom almost shook my guinea out during cleaning!

    hehe, oh dear! I have 2 boys and 2 girls also. And it's funny, I used to have a piggy called Sugar too! What are your others called? (edit, nevermind, I just read your above post. Cute names!)
  9. Myspoiltpiggies

    Showing I don't understand why showing is bad...

    I am one of the few members here who used to show my guinea pigs. I stopped because they were roughly handled. That was bad enough for me. I wouldn't handle my own pets like that so why should someone else. My piggies were some of the calmest piggies there and would sleep most of the time but...
  10. Myspoiltpiggies

    Reference Care: Soup Ladle: The Ultimate Pooper Scooper for Fleece

    Sounds interesting. I use a hoover but it is such a loud one that I hate using it. Sometimes I want to spot clean their cage but someone is in bed in the other room so a soup ladle would come in handy for that reason too! I'll give it a try.
  11. Myspoiltpiggies

    Comment by 'Myspoiltpiggies' in media 'New cage!'

    There looks like a gap between the edge of the cage and the mesh doors? Don't the poos fall? If the gap isn't big enough, surely when you open the doors they do?
  12. Myspoiltpiggies

    Comment by 'Myspoiltpiggies' in media 'Edward'

    Her name is Edward? :)
  13. Myspoiltpiggies

    April Fools gone wrong...

    That's crazy :optimist: You'd think people would be on their guard on April Fool's day but they never suspect do they! Someone at school told their boyfriend they thought they were pregnant (in a text I think). He tried to ring her but she kept rejecting his calls. I thought that was a harsh...
  14. Myspoiltpiggies

    Comment by 'Myspoiltpiggies' in media 'snacking on fresh grass'

    Really? It doesn't look that big. Or is it that size since the expansion? Anyway, I like it!
  15. Myspoiltpiggies

    Do not open this thread under any circumstances.

    I read what was in this thread without opening it, you can do that by hovering the cursor over the title. lol The visits to the thread could be the same people visiting more than once I guess.
  16. Myspoiltpiggies

    Aggression Mother-Daughter Aggression?

    I am pretty sure I remember seeing this in my breeding days. The mother is trying to wean the baby. I remember it being quite quick that the baby got the message and stopped following mum everywhere. After that they got on fine.
  17. Myspoiltpiggies

    Cage Cage in Bedroom,is that okay ??

    Yeah, it is sort of a comfort to hear them chewing and drinking. The boys though they have a few arguments at night which isn't so nice to hear lol
  18. Myspoiltpiggies

    Reference Other: Cleaning Fleece

    It is the same with my sister. My mum is okay with me washing the fleece in the washer, as long as I remove all the hay and hairs. At the moment my mum lets me secretly wash it in there without my sister knowing, sometimes I hand wash. If handwashing becomes a struggle for you how about a...
  19. Myspoiltpiggies

    Reference Other: Cleaning Fleece

    I voted not sure. The smell of vinegar is :sick:. I use it to clean the coroplast, but not the fleece.