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  1. natwooten

    How did you pick their names?

    Nibbles: already her name when we adopted her. Pippi: Her original name was Pooker...We kept the "P" but changed the name Gertrude: already her name when we adopted her Jack: Already his name when adopted Jagger, JayJay, and Jake: their dad's name was Jack so they start with a J Gretchen...
  2. natwooten

    Where did you get your cavy?

    We got our first 4 at the local SPCA shelter. The other 4 came from 2 of the first ones since all the surrender papers said that Jack was neutered and the SPCA sent Jack and Gertie out as a bonded pair, it turns out that Jack wasn't neutered after all! Now we have a girl cavycage and a boy...
  3. natwooten

    Time to introduce my babies!

    That is SO CUTE!!!! I'm glad that your son knows how to act around his piggie!
  4. natwooten

    Just about to pop.

    Congrats! I loved seeing my piggies as they grew.
  5. natwooten

    How many piggies are on this forum?

    104+8=112 Nibbles, Pippi, Gertrude, Gretchen Jack, J.J., Jagger, and Jake
  6. natwooten

    How many piggies do you have?

    I have 4 girls who are named Nibbles, Pippi, Gertrude, and Gretchen. I also have 4 boys named Jack, Jagger, JayJay, and Jake.
  7. natwooten

    How do your partners feel about your piggies?

    My husband adopted our first two..Nibbles and Pippi..then about 3 months later he came home with 2 more. We'd talked about it but without a final decision, it was a surprise so we had Jack and Gertrude. Jack was supposedly neutered ( we adopted from the SPCA) but then cam Gretchen, JayJay...
  8. natwooten

    Wear did you get your piggies names from?

    The four little one's names came from the the first letter of the parent's names. So the little girl is named Gretchen since her mom is Gertrude and the boy's are Jake, Jagger, and JayJay after their dad named Jack.
  9. natwooten

    Pigtures of my new boy MILKY!

    How cute!!!! Milky is a good name for him.
  10. natwooten

    babies are here!

    Congratualtions!!! I cried when I say my babies under the igloo house.
  11. natwooten

    Cutting Nails

    I use toenail clippers on mine....i am in vet tech school..for quicks you can use anything from from coffee grounds to corn starch to stop the bleeding
  12. natwooten

    Where are your piggies living???????

    I moved out the diningroom table to make a space for my 2 cages. So now the dining room is the piggyroom!!! They have a good view into the livingroom so they can see what's going on.
  13. natwooten

    Aghhhhh!!! Coco is pregnant!!!

    we adopted a male and female pig and they said that the male was neutered...we now have 4 little ones. The previous owners said that Jack was neutered but apparently he wasn't. ( We can tell these are his b/c J.J. looks just like Jack)
  14. natwooten

    Which food pellet is better?

    We use nutriphase guinea pig pellets
  15. natwooten

    Survey: Does your gp give kisses?

    My Jack comes to the side of cage and leans his head up for a kiss when I go over and talk to him! He's so sweet!
  16. natwooten


    I would definitely get records saying that he was neutered, otherwise it could turn into our situation. We adopted a male and female that were together at our local shelter and they said that he was neutered and that's why they were housed together. Well, a couple of months later we became...