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  1. nousername

    what to get for chew toys

    1st is the hardest, then it goes softer after each cut.
  2. nousername

    Coroplast Free sources to get coroplast?

    I couldn't find any in the neighborhood or anywhere close. I did my research online and notice that people are able to to find the used one for free. Electronic store and grocery will constantly throw them out. Does anyone wanna share their free coroplast story, it would be helpful for...
  3. nousername

    Cage Do I have to make 2x4? Can it be 1x8.

    but 1x8 is spacious and long, they love running in it and has been popcorning all day long=D
  4. nousername

    Cage Do I have to make 2x4? Can it be 1x8.

    I have read a lot materials saying we should at least make a 2x4 c&c cage for two guinea pigs. However, since my sofa has an empty space next to the windows, which can perfectly fit a 1x8 cage instead of a 2x4 cage. Is it ok to do so? If I do 2x4, the cage actually look very obvious under...