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  1. CavyLuver516

    Stands Good stand for 2x4 cage?

    To make it more than 3 feet, your could use the "Paisley's cage" example but just make the stand 3 grids tall instead of 1.
  2. CavyLuver516

    Comment by 'CavyLuver516' in media 'Fleece blankets'

    I have the red plaid and green plaid blankets! Got them from Walgreen's...:D
  3. CavyLuver516

    Comment by 'CavyLuver516' in media 'First meal'

    Cute! But one thing...a 2x5 is much too small for 6 pigs. The minimum for 6 pigs is a 2x8.
  4. CavyLuver516

    Want a Guinea Pig(s) Shelia Needs a Playmate?

    Thanks guys! Anyone else have any opinions? Would she benefit from a friend if her sister died?
  5. CavyLuver516

    Want a Guinea Pig(s) Shelia Needs a Playmate?

    In August of this year, Brownie (Shelia's sister) died of what I think may have been a URI. Ever since, she's been either eating or sleeping...she seems depressed. Even though my parents are very against it, should I get Shelia a new buddy? She's around 2 1/2 years old. If so, would it be best...
  6. CavyLuver516

    General Car Trip?

    Thanks Cogni! I'll make sure to bring lotsa hay for the car ride...;)
  7. CavyLuver516

    General Car Trip?

    The kennel is a cat carrier...hope she can manage because I think that will be what she has to ride in. Thanks - I will make sure she has lots of fleece! Thanks, sdpiggylvr! I'm guessing a regular water bottle will work also?
  8. CavyLuver516

    General Car Trip?

    Hi everyone! For Thanksgiving, I'm heading up to my cousins, which is a 2 1/2 hour drive. Would it be appropriate to house my guinea pig in her kennel (10x20 inches) for this amount of time? We'll be driving a 5 seat car and we have 5 people in our family. - so I guess I don't have much of a...
  9. CavyLuver516

    Blankets Review: UHaul blanket

    How would you use baking soda? Is it added into the washing cycle? And how much would be needed? Thanks!
  10. CavyLuver516

    Blankets Review: UHaul blanket

    So how many layers of the movers blanket did you use for one pad? Did they shrink in the wash at all? Thanks so much for the review!
  11. CavyLuver516

    Mattress Pad Mattress Pad / U-Haul Blanket Q's

    Thanks for the link Nicolene! I'll have to see about using those! If I can't get ahold of them, do polyester mattress pads work fine?
  12. CavyLuver516

    Mattress Pad Mattress Pad / U-Haul Blanket Q's

    Does a polyester mattress pad work as well as a cotton mattress pad? Who has tried out these U-Haul moving blankets I've heard so much about? Do they work well? Thanks!
  13. CavyLuver516

    Other HELP! 6 Baby Mice!

    Ok, last one (maybe): would it be better to feed them people milk until my mom gets home, or just wait?
  14. CavyLuver516

    Other HELP! 6 Baby Mice!

    Sorry, another question. Can I use Just Born Kitten milk replacer? And does it have to be powder formula, or can it be liquid?
  15. CavyLuver516

    Other HELP! 6 Baby Mice!

    We were having a campout at our house for the first time this summer, and when I opened up a folding camp chair, a mouse came flying out of it! Then I discovered there were 6 pinkies in it! No fur and no open eyes. I carefully put the chair in the woods and left the babies in it, hoping the mom...
  16. CavyLuver516

    What breed? What breed are my pigs?

    I think you're right on Heather. I have a black and white teddy too...they could be twins!
  17. CavyLuver516

    Comment by 'CavyLuver516' in media '2nd version 2'

    It's great! Two things: the ramps need sides so your pigs don't fall (they have bad depth perception) and the top level shoud have more walls - besides where the ramps connect, there should be no open spaces. Just 2 grids should do the trick, but they would have to overlap. Very easy fix. Other...
  18. CavyLuver516

    Pellets Kleenmama's or Oxbow?

    KM's is best - it contain less calcium than Oxbow. Oxbow is a close second though. Both are great pellets.
  19. CavyLuver516

    Making Space

    Glad I could inspire some of you! My bedroom is actually pretty large, but it's so oddly shaped (it's got, like 10 walls!). The loft bed will let me arrange my room in a way thats actually appealing! I'm thinking of putting my desk and circle chair under the bed and having it serve as a calm...
  20. CavyLuver516

    Comment by 'CavyLuver516' in media 'New Cage'

    Love it! But with all that room should come lotsa hidies!