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  1. WheekingPiggies

    Pooh Bear and Eeyore! <3

    Oh my gosh, they are such cuties! I'm obsessed with the names too. Makes me want to go with Disney names for future pets!
  2. WheekingPiggies

    Reintroduction: Canadian Cavies

    Welcome back! I remember seeing you around awhile ago! I'm glad you are at a better point in your life. All of your piggies are super cute as well. I didn't know you had a youtube. I'll have to check it out!
  3. WheekingPiggies

    my new skinny pigs

    I love the names! Congrats on your new additions! I absolutely adore skinny pigs! I miss my past one, Flower, so much.
  4. WheekingPiggies

    Hello from California

    Welcome to the forum! Guinea pigs really are a delight. I just wanted to say, I absolutely love your cage! The all black looks so sleek and modern. Your girls have a ton of running room in there too. I also love the fleece print!
  5. WheekingPiggies

    A big Hello from the UK!

    Welcome to the forum! We're happy to have you here. Wow, 16 piggies! You've certainly got your hands full. We would love to see pictures of all those piggies and of your pig room as well!
  6. WheekingPiggies

    Greetings from the Coffee Cavies!

    I recognize you from Hamster Hideout and Youtube! I'm MegaHorsegirl2000 on YouTube and OrangeJulius on HH! Welcome to the forum. I absolutely love your username!
  7. WheekingPiggies

    Just adopted two new guinea pigs!

    What cute boys! Glad Clyde has recovered from his injury! I just wanted to add, as I see a lot of carrots in the cage, that guinea pigs should just have 1 baby carrot a day. There's a great chart here that tells you all about what veggies are safe and how often to feed them. Your piggies should...
  8. WheekingPiggies

    Hey there

    Nice job! Glad your boys are enjoying all the space to run around. It's certainly a good idea to have an extra cage around incase of squabbles or illness.
  9. WheekingPiggies

    Embarrassed owner of my first guinea pig working to learn everything I can

    Don't worry, I'm sure almost everyone was doing some things wrong for their guinea pigs before they came on the forum. I know I was. I'm glad you've worked so hard to better her quality of life! What's your piggy's name? We would love to see pigtures! Black nails are pretty tricky to trim. I...
  10. WheekingPiggies

    Hello Cavy Slaves!

    Welcome to the forum! Muffin's quite an old lady! We would love to see pigtures of her.
  11. WheekingPiggies

    Meet my two guinea pigs

    They are absolutely adorable and I love the names! :)
  12. WheekingPiggies

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the forum! We love pigtures here, so we hope you will post some of Gloria! I am glad you're planning to get her a friend, but please adopt instead of shop. I suggest searching on Petfinder to find guinea pigs in your area that need a forever home.
  13. WheekingPiggies

    Hello! New here with a question.

    Welcome! I'm so glad you are adopting! I can't wait to see pigtures of the new pigs. I know I made my ramp with two bent grids and towel covered coroplast, but perhaps you could velcro down a piece of carpet that could be taken off to wash.
  14. WheekingPiggies


    Hi! Welcome to the forum! Do you have any piggies? If you do, we would love to see pigtures! Here is the forum behavior policy: https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/support-news-membership/81979-alert-forum-behavior-policy.html
  15. WheekingPiggies

    New here

    Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you have quite a zoo!
  16. WheekingPiggies

    New Member

    Welcome! Looks like you're on the right track and I'm glad you've decided to rescue and research before getting the piggies!
  17. WheekingPiggies

    Hi I'm Kassie (:

    Welcome! There's a ton of great information on this forum! The basic guinea pig diet consists of unlimited hay, 1/8 cup of pellets, and one cup of veggies daily.
  18. WheekingPiggies


    Welcome! There is a lot of great information here. We love pigtures :)
  19. WheekingPiggies

    New here And trying to decide if getting Guineas is a good idea for my 10 yo son

    I am just cautioning you that if you intend on getting pigs for your son that at some point he will lose intrest and you will have to step in as the primary caretaker. Now to answer your questions... Guinea pigs aren't nocternal like hamsters, so they shouldn't make a lot of noise at night. The...
  20. WheekingPiggies

    our first piggie!!

    Do you mean an exercise wheel like hamsters use? Guinnea pigs' backs do not bend the way other rodents' do and using a wheel or an exercise ball can seriously hurt her back. I know you probably weren't aware, but please stop using it and return the wheel if you can. To give her exercise you...