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  1. danav

    Hay Who's tried this season's Kleenmama's?

    I just wanted to mention that I got a box of KM's 2nd cut Timothy a couple of days ago and it is indeed awesome. :) Just gorgeous hay - the only stems I've found have been very thin, soft stems, it has a good amount of seed heads (which my pigs think are treats), and it's long, very green hay...
  2. danav

    How Much? How much hay to order

    A 25 lb box of hay from Kleenmama's lasts about 3-4 months for my three girls.
  3. danav

    How Much? How many lb of hay

    I usually get a 25 lb box from KM's and we use a hayrack, too. It lasts my three girls right around 3 months.
  4. danav

    Hay Who's tried this season's Kleenmama's?

    The bluegrass I had from KM last year was spectacular. What I got this year (late fall) is really nice hay, except that it's FULL of very hard stems, of all sizes (I've had some an inch long, some upwards of 15 inches long, some very thin and some super thick). I have to sit and pick out stems...
  5. danav

    Hay Does hay have to be green to be good?

    I asked this question on another thread and it seems to have gotten lost there, so I'm starting another thread to ask. Does hay need to be green to be good for the pigs? We usually use Kleenmama's hay, which is wonderful. But I thought we'd try to find a local supply to save some money...so I...
  6. danav

    Hay Bales Of Hay?

    Ugh, my husband got home a little while ago from making the trip to pick up the hay, and it's NOT green. The entire bale is very much brown/yellow. It IS soft. It doesn't smell bad, but it doesn't have that nice smell I'm used to from KM's hay. Can I even feed this to them since it isn't...
  7. danav

    Hay Do we have any definitive info on safety of fescue?

    I've been looking around for local hay to cut costs (LOVE Kleenmama's hay but if I can get local hay for a fraction of the costs, I need to do that). There are several places nearby advertising grass hay (orchard and timothy) but they mention that it is mixed with fescue (and many of them, with...
  8. danav

    Hay Bales Of Hay?

    I've just seen a few posts around here about problems with fescue (some kind of mold issue, I think) - so I'm not sure about it and would rather stick to something without it.
  9. danav

    Hay Bales Of Hay?

    I had never thought to look for hay at area farms until I read this thread yesterday...so I checked around and found a few places listed on craigslist. One farmer I just talked to this morning says he has 2nd cutting orchard grass - he says it's very clean and nothing but orchard grass (I...
  10. danav

    Hay Timothy Hay vs. Bluegrass

    I had KM's bluegrass in the fall, and then got 3rd cut Timothy this winter. My piggies seem to prefer the bluegrass, definitely. I've noticed there is a lot more waste with the Timothy - they leave the brown bits on the floor of the cage and generally won't eat it. The bluegrass hardly has...
  11. danav

    Nutrition How important is daily cilantro?

    I understand that cilantro should be considered one of the daily staples for piggies, and ever since we got our piggies this past summer it hasn't been a problem finding plenty of it. But in the past few weeks I haven't been able to find very much decent cilantro - what the stores have tends to...
  12. danav

    Hay 25 pounds of hay!!???

    I got my 25lb box of Kleenmama hay on August 18, and it's still about half full. At the time I started using it I had two pregnant piggies. We kept on of the babies, so I now have 3 piggies eating the hay. I expect that one 25lb box of hay will end up lasting me around 6 months in the end...
  13. danav

    Brands Sweetmeadow Hay/Pellets - East Coast members

    Christy - KM is Kleenmama (as in Kleenmama's Hayloft). Well, I just checked Sweetmeadow's website and it looks like buying hay from there is virtually the same cost as buying from KM's for me (I guess TN is far enough from the east coast that shipping was pretty comparable), so I'll just stick...
  14. danav

    Brands Sweetmeadow Hay/Pellets - East Coast members

    Thanks, Ly...I do know my piggies LOVE the KM alfalfa pellets they are eating right now - both mamas and all 3 babies gobble them up. I haven't tried the timothy ones yet. I have some Oxbow Cavy Cuisine left over from before I realized my pigs were pregnant, so once they're done nursing I'll...
  15. danav

    Brands Sweetmeadow Hay/Pellets - East Coast members

    Is the quality of Sweetmeadow hay and pellets as good as Kleenmama's? I've been using Kleenmama's bluegrass hay and alfalfa pellets (for my nursing mamas and babies) and they really seem to love it. I've read over and over how KM's are just about the best quality out there. But I'm in TN and...
  16. danav

    Storage How big is hay?

    I don't know about the place you're ordering from, but I can tell you about my hay from kleenmama's hayloft... I ordered 25 lbs of bluegrass hay. It arrived August 18 in a box 18" x 18" x 16". I have two piggies that have been eating it since Aug 18, six weeks now, and we have barely made a...
  17. danav

    Forages How long after pesticide use is a yard safe for foraging?

    I've seen posts advising not letting guinea pigs forage in a yard that has been treated with pesticides. Is there any time frame between treatment and letting the piggies eat the grass that is safe? If the yard was sprayed weeks ago, and the grass has grown and been mowed more than once since...
  18. danav

    Vegetables Leaves of veggie plants (other than leafy green veggies)?

    I'm sure if anyone would know it would be you, so since you are unsure I won't give them any. Thanks!
  19. danav

    Vegetables Leaves of veggie plants (other than leafy green veggies)?

    Yes, I do realize that - I am feeding them a variety of veggies both from my garden and store-bought. The reason I asked is that I know green beans are good for them, and I have some green bean plants in the garden that have yet to put out any beans but have tons of nice leaves, and I was just...
  20. danav

    Vegetables Leaves of veggie plants (other than leafy green veggies)?

    I've been searching threads here and I didn't find an answer to this question - please forgive me if it's been addressed already and I just couldn't find it: Can/should I feed my piggies the leaves of vegetable plants growing in my garden such as green pole beans, cucumber, bell pepper, and...