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  1. ItsAmandaYall

    Howdy Yall..

    When I heard about Texas Rustlers I was knee deep in till I seen their location it would be a 4hr drive so I am upset about that. I also looked into Petfinder and checked out Nutmeg and Percy, I am in love with Percy but Nutmeg doesn't "call to me" and they're bonded I didn't think it fair to...
  2. ItsAmandaYall

    Howdy Yall..

    Well my name is Amanda, I was born and raised in WI but am currently living in Houston, TX with my fiance whom was originally born and raised in TX. I had a guinea pig when I was 8? I don't remember the sex but do remember it's name was Multi, he/she was multi colored white, brown, and black I...