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  1. 5 littlepiggies

    General For apt people, how many guinea pigs?

    We have five piggees and I store my stuff under the cage in a stand made of gids. Plus I store things in bins under my couch.
  2. 5 littlepiggies

    Joy Updates on new cage and bigger herd! And Questions!

    I have two 4 month old sowa with two 1yr to 2 yr old sows and they get along well. It will take a little time for them to sort out the herd dnamics but as long as long as there is no blood shedd they figure it out. There is the acasonal ruble struting but no teeth chatering or anything more...
  3. 5 littlepiggies

    General read mep

    I was woundering if there was a good book out there about piggies. I have a fav site that I liketo buy my books from. So if you have one that is upbto date and in line with our practices pleaselet me know. Btw the sight is abebooks.com . If you all ever need a good place to get books.
  4. 5 littlepiggies

    Veggy time

    This is a test to see if I have what it takes to download a pic.of Dirty Hairy.