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  1. TwilightStar

    Getting Along Being Pushed Out?

    That's hilarious! Better the breed? There's nothing wrong with the breeds of guinea pigs, and if you were aware of anything relating to "evolution", you would know variety is the key and breeding for certain qualities also isolates defects that would not show up as often as it would in a mixed...
  2. TwilightStar

    Getting Along Being Pushed Out?

    Are you proud of your aide to the over population crisis?
  3. TwilightStar

    Getting Along Being Pushed Out?

    You broke a rule and recieved an infraction, I don't see how this is bullying or mean.
  4. TwilightStar

    Human pregnancy and rodents?

    I wonder how the microwave is doing on the farm.
  5. TwilightStar

    Human pregnancy and rodents?

    Gee, I didn't know the right thing was dumping them to a lady who will use them as show and tell pets!
  6. TwilightStar

    Human pregnancy and rodents?

    Top bad that what you felt was best will cause unhappiness for your pigs and you will ignore that fact. Poor things, what you should have done was found them a nice, stable home.
  7. TwilightStar

    Human pregnancy and rodents?

    True, they just don't understand. I can't imagine the horrible car rides, back and forth, temperture changes, loud sounds, new people, odd smells, it's horrible. Poor things. Treated as nothing more than a show and tell object. To the OP, if you're going to get rid of your pigs, fine, but...
  8. TwilightStar

    Human pregnancy and rodents?

    Living is a risk, you can't like under a shelter your whole life, nor can you throw out every thing that poses a risk.(Did you throw away your microwave yet?) Well, I suppose you can, but it's not fair to the animals you have taken in. Not only that, but you gave them the WORST possible home. Do...
  9. TwilightStar

    Human pregnancy and rodents?

    What lovely thinking that accounts for all the misplaced/homeless animals in the world! Do the over population problem a favor, don't get anymore animals.
  10. TwilightStar

    Human pregnancy and rodents?

    The only way you can get it from what I understand is if your guinea pigs come in contact with wild rodents. ...I don't really think it's anything to worry about, make sure you wash your hands after cleaning the cage and what not and if your nervous ask your husband to clean the cage. Look...
  11. TwilightStar

    Human pregnancy and rodents?

    From what I understand, it would be pointless now, because on the very unlikely chance that they have it, then you would all ready have it. Simply use proper sanitation.
  12. TwilightStar

    Getting Along Why don't you just leave?

    I think people put way too many personal emotions into the debates, and then make an error when they assume the person is doing the same thing. I really don't care about the debate, I'm here for my guinea pigs and that is it. If people are afraid to debate and learn new ideas, how will we ever...
  13. TwilightStar

    Petland Employee Part Two

    Yup, that's why we don't support pet stores here. The new owners could not even know their sow is pregnant and might lose her and the babies. I would tell the manager of the risks to the female's health. Hopefully he cares.
  14. TwilightStar

    Pet Stores Proud of myself, but wondering....

    Animal Planet had an investigation of a couple Pet Land stores, which I think that would be good for you to see. Although I'm not sure if they will have reruns of it. Also, a little digging through the kitchen will have some threads where the issue has been debated. Anyways, good for you for...
  15. TwilightStar

    Getting Along This is ridiculous.

    First of, I think you need to calm down. This site isn't about the humans, it's about providing the best care to our guinea pigs. Second, how rude of you to come onto a Pro-Rescue site and argue about how you think it's okay to buy guinea pigs from pet stores? It is very disrespectful to join...
  16. TwilightStar

    Rescuing, Buying, Breeding

    I did buy two guinea pigs from a pet store before I knew how my dear pigs were born. Their poor mother was probably bred back to back before she died suffering due to no vet care. That is how pet store guinea pigs are born. Therefore, I now choose to adopt the other unwanted pets out there who...
  17. TwilightStar

    Rescuing, Buying, Breeding

    I think you're quite rude. Anyways, they are doing something by not supporting the people who sells those poor guinea pigs. What are you doing to save them? Buying two? Please, there is many more thousands out there suffering.
  18. TwilightStar

    Pet Stores Would this be adoption?

    I don't know, because we adopted one of our pigs from a girl off craigslist. She didn't really do much to make sure we'd be good owners, she wanted to give her to us as soon as we replied, and she didn't ask for a adoption fee. She simply wanted her gone as soon as possible. Would that not be...
  19. TwilightStar

    Breeding New Piggy From A Breeder!

    Awww! :) How cute! He sure is adorable, and that's a cute name. Congrats on your new addition!
  20. TwilightStar

    Horrible. Sick. Wrong.

    That's what I wondered.