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  1. bunnyguinea21

    Pet Stores Petco to pay $1.75 million in penalties

    That's good news!
  2. bunnyguinea21

    Pet Stores Petsmart, Petsmart, Petsmart..

    OMG! That is terrible. I am now forced to be creative because what it boils down to it that the Petstores don't know much about their animals, nor do they care. It's sad. Just as I was talking so nicely about my local petstore, I went there and the LADY said the bunny can be HOUSED with the...
  3. bunnyguinea21

    Pet Stores Petsmart, Petsmart, Petsmart..

    Ya some lady at the local petstore here (they supposedly take in "Rescue" animals) said that no one wants a full grown bunny. :( They have a male rabbit there for quite some time now and I want to take him home everytime I go there. I go and visit the bunnies, guinea pigs and other animals...
  4. bunnyguinea21

    Pet Stores Petsmart, Petsmart, Petsmart..

    This was a quote after the video on YOUTUBE: "petsmart Canada is way better than this, do NOT compare every petsmart to petsmart USA, alot of them actually take every good care of the animals they sell." Is it true????? Petsmart is Petsmart but I'm just wondering how she would get that...
  5. bunnyguinea21

    Pet Stores Proud of myself, but wondering....

    I literally just looked deep into the Kitchen part of the forum and I can't stop feeling the ache from what these people are doing to these poor animals (not just guinea pigs). I cannot believe how poorly treated these animals are. It's sickening. And I used to go to Petsmart for bedding and...
  6. bunnyguinea21

    Pet Stores Sorry it took so long.

    It was a very tough lesson and I really had a tough day and felt that weight on me and to top it off, I couldn't imagine my pets being treated that way and there's a really good chance they were. It breaks my heart to know that my bunny's mom's could have been forced to breed them.. Or my guinea...
  7. bunnyguinea21

    Pet Stores Sorry it took so long.

    :weepy:I was one of the people that bought from a PetStore and to make it worse, I didn't do any research and took information from the Petstore employee and a costumer in the "Small animal" section who has 6 guinea pigs or something. I bought a petstore cage, the employee grabbed hay, a hidey...
  8. bunnyguinea21

    Pet Stores Petco and Petsmart supplier

    I am very sick to my stomach and understand why Petstores are not supported. I am very ashamed but now I can educate other people who do not know about this. :( That is so sad.