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  1. Dinochick

    leaky water bottle

    Re: leaky water bottle That is the same brand of bottle I have. The washer still looks good, I have only had it a few months. ahhh confusions and gravity
  2. Dinochick

    leaky water bottle

    Re: leaky water bottle I am also having a problem witha leaky bottle, same complains as above, mostly. I have just stuck an extra food dish under the leak and empty it everyday, but Teboo seems to like drinking outof the bowl anyway. Is that ok? He lays with his head on it allt he time and I...
  3. Dinochick

    Is Alone Okay?

    My piggy is all alone in having a piggy friend, but our bird cage is right next to Teebos cage and they seem to interact well, its quite entertaining, lol. My cats are also interested in Teebo. Shadow just likes to sit and watch him when we have floor time, while Kelty likes to smell him and tap...
  4. Dinochick

    Great new toy!!

    Anyway...... Thanks for the idea! My pig loves it and its tons of fun to watch him also!! Thanks :)
  5. Dinochick


    You read my mind. Thats what I always do. Better safe than sorry! The trip went well, Teebo was happy to see me (got alot of floor time tonight) and he was well taken care of. It was nice to have him all excited to see me and purr for me when I held him :)
  6. Dinochick


    Good News! A friend of mine who has also had pigs isn't going to get to go out of town like she had planned,so she is going to watch my critters for me :) Thank you for your advice. Now all my pets will be fed, played with and happy :) Thanks again!
  7. Dinochick


    So I am going out of town this coming week for 5 days to get some field work done on my thesis. My question is this: I have someone coming over for 3 days to water and feed my animal family, but she is not going to be able to come over for the last 2 days I will be away (2 full days and part...
  8. Dinochick

    HELP!!!! He is making a mess!!!!!

    I took a small sheet (like from a bed) and tacked it to the wall that Teebos cage is up against, then used clothes pins to hold the sheet on the other 3 sides (with part of the sheet being under the cage). This seems to have fixed most of my problems with bedding ending up on the floor. Hope...
  9. Dinochick

    Metal cage

    Oh no, its not a wire floor, I know better than to have him on that! Its just a sold metal floor. I will look for some of the coroplast, thanks :)
  10. Dinochick

    Metal cage

    When I bought my piggy the chick at the store told me to get a particular cage, which I did. The cage itself has been working out fine, but the botton of the cage is already starting to rust in certain areas! This is no good for Teboo I figured, but I haven't been able to find a plastic cage...