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  1. rogersmithiii

    Ramps Won't travel between levels in two story cage.

    How high should the sides be? 1 inch? 2?
  2. rogersmithiii

    Ramps Won't travel between levels in two story cage.

    Have three GPs. Built a two story, 48 inch by 60 inch C&C cage. I built a ramp out of 1 x 6 inch pine, and covered it with commercial low pile carpet. The distance that the ramp covers when connecting levels spans 3/4 of the 48 width of the cage, so it's not so steep. The problem is that the...
  3. rogersmithiii

    Great idea for a floor time area.

    One question. If your cage is as big as this pool, do you need to do floortime? Thanks Rog
  4. rogersmithiii

    Coroplast $10 4'x8' Coroplast Sheet

    I called around Mass / RI, and got prices ranging from $22 to $30 a 4 x 8 sheet. All of these were sign companies. I then tried the plastics distributor in Warwick, RI (Modern Plastics - they're listed in the cages suppliers list), and they quoted $12 a sheet. I'm betting that the sign shops...
  5. rogersmithiii

    Ramps Ramp suggestions?

    Third question: I'm going to put a ramp to allow my GPs to ascend to sleeping quarters on the second floor (that's where the hot tub, 52 inch plasma, and wet bar are located). Anyone have any good ideas on what to use for a ramp? Any design ideas? Anything ready made? Also, what do people...
  6. rogersmithiii

    Upper Levels Two layer cages. What do people use to support the floor on the second story?

    I read in this web site that it's important to give GPs open areas to run. This means not compartmentalizing the living space. Even so, I have to put something in to support the floor on the second story. If I screw in some 1 inch dowels as support, will these columns cause disruption to the...
  7. rogersmithiii

    Grids Bought C&C panels - Bed Bath and Beyond.

    Went looking for cage panels to build a C&C cage for a rescued guinea pig. After a lot of searching, I found them at Bed Bath and Beyond. The SKU is 1498215850. They're called Cube Grid Silver S/4. The box says "Neu Home Stacking Cube Set. Each cube is 14.5 in by 14.5 inches, and 16 panels...