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  1. sstickly22

    How Old Until No Baby Proof?

    I just asked this as I just got a 4 week old female. I the answer I found was 6 months but I am assuming that it depends on the size of the pig also. My male was 3 months and was HUGE but my female is tiny. I think there is some common sense that comes into play with the timing.
  2. sstickly22

    C&C How long to double grids for baby pigs

    I am introducing my 4 week old to my 3 existing pigs tonight so she will finally eat. Does anyone know how long (what age) they have to be to no longer need to double grid the cage???
  3. sstickly22

    Where to buy foam for tunnels

    I just made 3 tunnels and my pigs love them but I was wondering if there was any place less expensive for foam? I was paying 9.99 a yard for 1/2 in foam. Let me know what you all have used in the past. Thanks!
  4. sstickly22

    Where to find Colored water bottles

    I have seen lots of pictures of cages with colored water bottles but I can't find them online. Anyone know where you can buy/order them?
  5. sstickly22

    Fish Stuffed Toy Cozie?

    I got the fish Wednesday and all 3 of my pig LOVE it! There is a little ball attached to it and my male plays with it all the time! Thanks!
  6. sstickly22

    Fish Stuffed Toy Cozie?

    Thank you sooo much! I couldn't figure out what to call them when I looked on Amazon! I can't wait to get one!
  7. sstickly22

    Fish Stuffed Toy Cozie?

    I have seen several people with a cozie that looks like a fish stuffed animal. Where did you find these??? Were they purchased recently?
  8. sstickly22

    Pads under pigloos/hideys

    I have seen several people with pads under their pigloos and hideys and was going to try this. What do you put in the middle of these???
  9. sstickly22

    Waffle Block/grid block hidey's

    Wow I would have never thought to use those giant lego type blocks to make a castle. I might try that as they are easier to find!
  10. sstickly22

    Waffle Block/grid block hidey's

    I was looking into getting some of the little tikes type waffle blocks for kids that are 4 inches and using those to make custom hidey's. Has anyone done this? I like the idea since I like my cage color coordinated. Also, if anyone has done this can you tell me where you got the waffle...
  11. sstickly22

    Keeping the cozie/sleeping bag open

    I have a made a few cozie/sleeping bags for my pigs and I have tried using only fleece which didn't stay open so my pigs used it as a bed instead of going in side. I also tried 2 layers of thin batting which worked ok but when it came out of the dryer it is a mess and all bunched up. Anyone...
  12. sstickly22

    C&C Upgraded, Want sugggestions!

    Opps Forgot to mention that I already clear the poop from the cage at least twice daily. I thought it was a given but I should have clarified. I wouldn't leave it in the cage. Thanks for thinking of that though.
  13. sstickly22

    C&C Upgraded, Want sugggestions!

    Thanks! I think i understand the concept. I am sure I can find pics. I will work on a outside ramp this weekend. I have tried fleece for about 8 months and every time it smells in 24-48 hours and after 3 weeks I can't stand it anymore and go back again. I am looking into equine fresh as...
  14. sstickly22

    C&C Upgraded, Want sugggestions!

    Lets try this
  15. sstickly22

    C&C Upgraded, Want sugggestions!

    I am just uploading the pic to the forum and then posting it that way with the uploaded image tab.
  16. sstickly22

    C&C Upgraded, Want sugggestions!

    I tried to do it again with a 1111K file and it is not making it any bigger. Maybe someone can help me.
  17. sstickly22

    C&C Upgraded, Want sugggestions!

    I have a new set up for my 2 females. I am looking for suggestions on making the cage bigger or more fun! Anything is welcome but please be positive. I am looking to add a male(neutered) and want suggestions how to get a 2x5 area of if this is big enough. Hmmm The picture is really grainy...
  18. sstickly22

    Grids Frustrated!

    I have the B B and B grid (ok 3 boxes now) and I LOVE them. They work well but I got rid of all my connectors as they don't hold as well as the 400 zip ties I have on my cage now. I have an escape artist and have to have everything very tight. During floor time she picks up a wall of 5 grids...
  19. sstickly22

    C&C Cage cleanng/design help

    OK I have 2 female pigs in a 2X4 lower and cant expand the bottom as I have a custom built wooden stand. I want to maximize the space on top so they can sleep up there and have room for pigloos. I made it a 2X2 and a 1X2 all connected is the best way to explain it but I cant reach the 2X2 back...
  20. sstickly22

    Toggle Stick Water Bottles

    Does anyone else have any expirence with the water bottles that have a post in them and the pigs have to move the post in order to get water. They are in the local mom and pop pet stores. It had a great holder for the cage so I bought one. I noticed the water level not going down in 12 hours...