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  1. widallas

    Not sure what to do!

    Getting back to GP2 and her cage..... Another trick with your Dad might be to show him a picture of some cubes, and explain how much easier it is to move and store a C&C cage. Three wire cages are bulky and expensive, where a C&C cage can be made bigger or smaller as needed, is easier to...
  2. widallas

    Fleece for sale!

    Ly, I am SOOO SORRRRYYY! I didn't see your mesaage about the PO Box until after I had mailed the package -- I just went by the Paypal invoice. PLEASE let me know if this will be a problem -- I might be able to make it to the P.O. today to see if they can change it for me..... Laurene
  3. widallas

    My pigs hated their second floor...

    I think that the second floors can be as much (if not more!) for the piggie owners as for the piggies themselves. I think anything to give them some extra space, whether up or out, is a good thing!
  4. widallas

    Fleece for sale!

    Supermoderator, eh? Very nice! Just $4 total, and actual shipping. I'm just trying to re-coup a bit of the money we spent, not make a killing. And I figure a fellow guinea pig lover won't mind a stray hair (...or two...or six!). :) If interested, send me your zip and I'll stop by the PO and...
  5. widallas

    Fleece for sale!

    We're back to pine, but for anyone who is using fleece and would like to pick up a few extra pieces, I have two up for grabs. (See thumbnail for patterns -- one has a multi-colored sports theme, the other is black/red/white) Both are about 50" by 70", and fit a 2X4 or 3X4 nicely. They are...
  6. widallas

    New Cage

    Great cage! I like the tubes....
  7. widallas

    Still Stinky - Advice Needed

    We went from pine, to fleece, back to pine and now to aspen. The fleece was wonderful for the pigs, but with the hot weather the smell was just too much. AND I wasn't sure if my poor washing machine could handle either the volume OR the smell! The aspen doesn't have a pronounced odor, but I...
  8. widallas


    Nice ramp! Our boys were such chickens until we added a coroplast cover -- now it's more like a tunnel, and they love it. We just bent two grids into a "L" shape, cabel-tied them together and then to the upper level. The coroplast is also an "L" shape, and just closes off the top and one side...
  9. widallas

    Carpet and/or Fleece Bedding?

    We did something similar to cutemomome, and built two "end" boxes that we fill with pine shavings and carefresh; the middle section is fleece. On each end is a hidey house, hay, water bottle and food dish, so they have some "me" space where they can eat (and pee/poop!) to their hearts content...
  10. widallas

    Tips for persuading the parents

    Glad to see your persistence paid off, and that your Mom was willing to work with you. Once she sees how easy it easy to make the cage, and how much happier the guinea pigs are, your Mom will be glad she came around. Your piggers are gonna LOVE their new digs!
  11. widallas

    The "new" cage

    The pictures I've seen with an old cage "attached" as an extra room are such a great idea. We're recycling an old cage into a loft (hopefully!) -- why throw away something that could make such an awesome hidey house, hay or treat room? Great comparison in terms of how much more size you get...
  12. widallas

    new c&c cage!!

    Oh, and HAVE FUN building your new cage, happie gurl! Can't wait to see it....
  13. widallas

    new c&c cage!!

    I loved Ly's idea to put her ramp on top of a hidey house and not give up floor space. We might add a second level, and attach a tube like voodoo's cable tied to a bent grid that they can still run through. I love watching them run in laps -- it's hysterical!
  14. widallas


    Didn't Ly use a PVC pipe cut in half with some fleece clipped on as a ramp? PVC pipe can often be found at recycle centers -- at least it re-uses something that otherwise would take a million years to degrade....by all means don't buy it. We also found the black tubing that voodoo uses for...
  15. widallas

    Freezing bricks?

    I have some large, flat garden stones that I soak in cold water for awhile (while I'm doing other stuff in the morning) -- I just towel dry them, lay them in the cage with a cloth on top, and they hold the cold without being frigid. I catch the piggies laying on them, so they must like it.
  16. widallas

    The Ugliest Cage Ever

    I think your cage is awesome! Personally, I'm a functionality-kinda-girl -- as long as it works and the pigs are happy, I'm good. I can't do decorated -- more stuff to clean and keep track of, and I'm knee-deep in that as it is! Kudos to you for going green with the cage. I feel ashamed of...
  17. widallas


    Voodoo -- Can't wait to see pictures! It sounds perfect, maybe even better then the ferret tubes they sell. Is it completely dark in the tubes, or did you drill any small holes for light? Anxious to hear (and see) how it works out.
  18. widallas

    What do you do with old shavings?

    Thanks for the feedback. Now if I can just motivate myself enough to build a compost bin....
  19. widallas

    What do you do with old shavings?

    Just curious as to what other people are doing. I hate the idea of tossing that much organic matter into a landfill, so I'm starting a compost pile. I switched to fleece mostly because of the volume of shavings that were getting tossed.... Does anyone here compost? Or what other ideas do...
  20. widallas

    Making a bunk bed

    I just bent a grid with one side longer than the other, placed the shorter side facing outward and cable-tied the longer side to the cage. I secured a double layer of fleece on the shelf, and they like to hop up top to snooze on the fleece and hide underneath (when my kids are too loud...